Voices: In the Beginning

Good morning everyone.  I had a little malfunction with the website this morning.  Sorry it wasn’t posted on time.  I’m working so that it won’t happpen again.

Now, on to today’s devotion…

Read all of Genesis 3 for today’s passage:

Voices that speak out against God and what He desires is not something new. Human beings have been lied to since the beginning. What is so bad is that we’ve been believing lies since then as well. Like we learned yesterday, Satan is the “father of lies” and he has been doing it since at least the narrative that we read today.

Here are some questions to consider for today’s passage:

  1. What were the lies that Satan told Eve in this passage?
  2. What were the lies that Eve told in this passage?
  3. After Adam took of the fruit, how did they respond?
  4. How did God respond? What were the consequences for Adam, Eve, and the serpent?
  5. What can you take away from this story? How does it seem to apply to your life?