A New Year. A New Heart: Day 6

Princes have persecuted me without a cause: but my heart standeth in awe of thy word. I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.  Psalm 119:161

Imagine walking into your room today and finding a wood, pirate style chest on your bed.  You walk over and find that the lock is open.  You flip up the latch and when you do you find it absolutely full to the brim with diamonds, rubies, and very old gold coins.  Then you find a certified letter claiming that one of your great-uncle’s has passed away and given you this as an inheritance.  Don’t you think you would be in awe of what you were seeing?  How much value would that have to you?

Now imagine walking into your room.  Let me ask you-  Where is your Bible?  Do you know where it is?  Does it have the same kind of value to you?  The God who created the universe has written a book that He wants you to read.  He is speaking to you.  He wants you to know some pretty incredible things- how you can know for sure that heaven is your home.  How to have an incredible,  God honoring life on earth, and so much more.

The Psalmist in v.116 compares God’s Word to an amazing treasure, because that is exactly what it is.

If you want to have a new heart in 2011, your heart needs to treasure the Word of God.

Is God’s Word valuable to you?