Accountable to God: Day 18

February 1, 2012
Today’s Text:  Read Colossians 3:23, 1 Samuel 12:24
Today’s Key Thought:  If we consider that God has made us and redeemed us we should want to serve Him in return.

I’m in the beginning of my journey as a parent.  I have loved being a dad even more than I thought I would.  One of the things we have to teach Melana is how to respond correctly to things that happen in her life.  Two of the big ones are to say “Thank You” and “I’m sorry.”  She is really learning them quickly, although at times she doesn’t always respond correctly.  Sometimes she says “I’m sorry” when she falls down and hurts herself.  Sometimes she forgets to say thank you when we give her something.  As a loving parent we try to gently remind her, and sometimes passionately remind her to respond correctly.
Our heavenly Father is no different.  There is a right response to Him and a wrong response to Him.  We’ve learned this week that we are twice owned by God as our Creator and our Redeemer.  One of the right responses to Him is to serve Him.  This means we must be obedient to His commands, and it also means we must serve Him with all that we have.  As our passage says today, everything we do should be done “as unto the Lord”.  Why?  Because everything we can do is made possible by Him!

As you live today, are you living to serve God?  Are you on His mission and doing His purposes with your time?  Are you serving your God, yourself or something else?