Accountable to God: Day 21


February 6, 2012
Today’s Text: Ephesians 5:15-17
Today’s Key Thought:  Wisdom is the key word in talking about the topic of our time.


“I’m so busy!”  Have you ever heard that before?  Have you ever thought that before?   I know I have.  It never seems like we have enough time.  But isn’t that a funny statement?  We don’t have enough time, but what is interesting is that everyone on a daily basis has the same amount of time.  Why does it seem like some people are relaxed and have enough time, while yet others seem like they don’t have any time at all?  I believe the key word is found in the verses we read today.


The apostle Paul tells the Ephesian church in today’s text to “walk”, or live, “circumspectly”, or carefully.  He then clarifies this statement by saying, “not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil.”  Paul tells them and us to use our time wisely.  When we think about our time the Bible is telling us to be wise.  That is the key word.  Why?  Because “the days are evil.”  Times are dangerous, and if we aren’t careful we will be in danger of wasting our time.  We will spend our lives in things that don’t matter if we are foolish.


When it comes to how you spent the last 24 hours, would you describe it as wise or foolish?  Did you spend or did you invest your time?  In what ways are you using your time foolishly?