Accountable to God- Day 32

February 21, 2012
Today’s Text: Genesis 41
Today’s Key Thought:  A wise steward of their resources plans for emergencies.

You and I live in a culture that sees our resources go out faster than they come in. Living life in a sin cursed world makes us eligible for times of emergency that we can’t plan for. When emergencies come, this kind of lifestyle then has to be subsidized, which causes you and I to live life owing others. As managers of God’s resources, we must learn to live with a plan better than this. Chances are good that there will be a $2,000 – $ 8,000 whammy coming your way in your lifetime. A wise steward of God’s resources entrusted to them, plans for these times ahead. In Genesis 41, God allows Joseph to foresee a 7 year emergency which would cripple the Middle East and northern Africa. In Godly wisdom, Joseph leads Pharaoh to build an emergency stockpile of resources against the 7 year agricultural emergency. As believers learn to live life within a budget of their resources with Biblical wisdom, they must learn to put aside a good stockpile of emergency funds as a method of insuring the assets God has blessed them with. The wisdom God gave to Joseph is also the wisdom we should have in preparing for life’s unexpected emergencies.

If you are like the normal American citizen, you do not have anything stockpiled for those times of emergency which WILL COME! A wise steward goes into life with a plan for emergencies. Credit cards are not a wise plan for the resources God has entrusted to you. Begin (if you have not) or continue (if you have) an emergency fund which will help you be prepared the seasons of financial famine that are headed your way. If you’re living, you will have some financial tribulation. A wise steward is prepared!