Accountable to God: Day 38

February 29, 2012

Today’s Text: 1 Timothy 6:18

Today’s Key Thought: Since I have more, I should do more and give more
Timothy was charged by the Apostle Paul to tell rich people that they should do good. This “do good” is not just the idea of everyday good deeds, this is good deeds that only rich people can do. Rich people have the opportunity to leverage their extra for the sake of others. Rich people have extra. Most people in the world don’t have Saturday & Sunday off. Rich people are rich in options to do stuff. Rich people ask themselves “how to do I fill my extra time?” Rich people say “I will spend my extra on me!” God through Paul says that is NOT “how to be rich”. Those who are rich often regret the extra time spent, but those who do good works for others never come back saying what a time of time it was. God urges rich people to give like only a rich person can give. The same is true of our money as is with our time as rich people we are rich in options for our money. We live in a country that is full of options; new gadgets, new things to wear, new toys to upgrade, and consequently we are tempted do exactly what we are programmed by our society, we spend all our extra money on ourselves. God says spending all your extra money is not how to be rich, it is how to be selfish.

You are RICH! As a rich person and steward of God’s finances you need to live life with a plan. You need to plan to first commit to give your time. Rich people think ahead and invest. Think through your time, I have ___ weeks off, I will take ___ amount of time and give ___ amount of time away to others. When you do you will find that your heart follows your treasure of time. If you don’t you will look back at a life full of good, medium, and awful movies, parties, vacations and not have lived a life rich in good works. Second you need to commit to give your money as a percentage giver. You need to ask yourself before I spend any on me (leftovers) I will tithe, maybe commit to increase it, give to predetermined charities and give to predetermine ministries. That’s being rich God’s way!

Accountable to God: Day 37

February 28, 2012

Today’s Text: 1 Timothy 6:17

Today’s Key Thought: I will not trust in my riches, but in the God that richly provides.
So what was Timothy supposed to command “rich” people to do. He told him to command them not to trust in the creation, but to trust in the Creator.
Let me ask you a question. Which statement would scare you more- “God is no longer on the throne of your life”, or “There is no more money in the bank.”? God knows that the temptation to trust in the stuff we have been given grows as we get more and more. So the command is very simple. Don’t trust in your riches. They are fleeting.
Instead we are being called to put our trust in God. Think about it- He is the one who owns it all anyway, and He can provide for you!
Are you tempted to put your confidence in your bank account, job, or investments? Don’t trust in stuff. Trust in God!