Accountable to God: Day 39

March 1, 2012
Today’s Text: 1 Timothy 6:19

Today’s Key Thought: I will view my wealth through the lens of eternity.

In this verse we see Paul finishes his thought that he communicating to Timothy about what to say to rich people. The statement he makes is a reference to an entire body of teaching that is found throughout scripture. Jesus taught this principle multiple times and it’s found throughout the New Testament and even in the Old Testament. Paul concludes his thought with the phrase “laying up”. This idea is completion of the act of giving as only rich people can do. Another way of saying the phrase laying up would be, “in this way”. God, through Paul, makes a connection between giving and storing, a transfer of funds from material “loss” to spiritual gain. Jesus in Luke 12:13-21 gives a great illustrative story of this point. As a rich person does this transfer they begin to get a “hold on eternal life”. They don’t earn eternal life, that’s not possible, but they do begin to get a hold onto the life that really matters, the eternal one. As a rich person, you can take your temporary earthly stuff and use it to make an impact in eternity for both you and the recipient!

So where are you in getting a hold of that you have an eternal life? Have you made the connection between your earthly possessions and your spiritual treasure? Today’s challenge is to find two more ways of how you can transfer your earthly wealth in spiritual treasures. Living and giving, that’s how God says rich people should be rich.