Accountable to God: Day 41

March 6, 2012
Today’s Text: 1 Corinthians 16:1-2
Today’s Key Thought: Worshipful giving happens with fellow believers, and reflects what we have been given by God.

We will continue with traits of Worshipful giving.

Third, Worshipful giving is corporate.  Paul tells them to give “on the first day of the week” and directs it to “every one of  you.”  If he is writing to the church at Corinth, what happens on the first day of the week with everyone?  It was when the assembly (church) assembled.  It was to be part of their corporate worship.  When we come together as a church to worship God we do so in our singing, hearing God’s Word, responding to God’s Word, and supporting God’s work through our regular giving.  One should be no more worship than the other because all of these parts of our corporate participation should be acts of worship to God.

Fourthly, Worshipful giving is  proportionate. Paul told them to give “as God hath prospered him”.  This speaks to two different yet important truths.  First, everything I have comes from God.  When I give “as God hath prospered” then I am recognizing that it all comes from Him.  Secondly, it speaks to God’s expectation of the giver.  He does not compare amounts given, but rather the sacrifice of the giver.  There can’t be equal giving, but their can be equal sacrifice.  The most basic proportion of giving taught in the Bible and even commended by Jesus himself was the tithe.  It is giving 101, and should be done out of a heart of worship to God.


1.  Do you think of the offering time during church as part of our worship, just as much as the invitation and the singing?  Giving should be viewed as an act of worship to God!

2.  Is your percentage of giving reflecting how God has prospered you?  Greed is the assumption that everything I have is for my consumption.