Accountable to God- Day 45

March 12, 2012

Today’s Text: Philippians 3:7-10
Today’s Key Thought: We have the incredible privilege of knowing God.

Have you ever met someone famous? Last year I took a trip to take some classes in Missouri. On my flight out of Fort Myers a well known comedian from Saturday Night Live was on my flight. Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of this star and people even walked up to him to try to talk to Him. On my way back I was in Chicago, and guess who was on my flight….Mike Ditka! The famous coach of the Chicago Bears had people taking pictures with him and talking to him. Everyone wants to meet or know someone famous.
We probably all have a favorite actor, sports personality, or musician, or some other notable person. We would probably love to be able to communicate with that person.
Now think about this…Not only does God want to forgive our sins and give us a home in heaven when we die, God wants to have a relationship with us right now. We can talk to our Father God at any moment of the day. He cares about us, and wants us to have fellowship with him. What an incredible opportunity!
In today’s text, the Apostle Paul says that in comparison to knowing Christ everything else is loss. Think about it- Paul would say that if there is anything in your life that pushes you away from knowing Christ better it’s as worthless as “dung”. If you don’t know what dung is, it’s a good word to look up.

You and I have the opportunity to know and relate to God. How are you doing with that opportunity?