Accountable to God: Day 47

March 14, 2012
Today’s Text: Jeremiah 9:23-24
Today’s Key Thought: Don’t find your identity in what you do.

God’s command continues- “neither let the mighty man glory in his might.”  Just like some people find their identity in what they know, many people also find all of their identity in what they can do.

How do we tend to do that?

This is a temptation for many people but it’s good but can be a real problem with guys.  We tend to identify ourselves with things like our jobs, our job performance, our athletic ability, our talents, and with how our accomplishments make us look.   The problem with finding all or our identity in what we can do is that…

  1. There is always someone who can do what we do better than we can.
  2. There will always be a time where we won’t be able to do what we used to do.

As a result the person that finds their identity in what they can do often ends up living in their past.  They talk about the glory days.  They talk about what they used to be.  It’s like they are living back then.  Some people even try to relive things through their kids.
Often the person who “glories in their might” wants to be known as the person who can get things done.  They want to be seen as successful, and sometimes that leads to misplaced priorities, or lost opportunities in areas that they don’t find important but really are.
The person that glories in their might often has a difficult time saying “no” to others because they feel like they have to be the one to say yes everybody that asks them. 
How do you glory in your might?  How do you find identity in what you can do, and how does that need to change?