Accountable to God: Day 50

March 19, 2012
Today’s Text: Psalm 19:1-6
Today’s Key Thought: Nature tells all men everywhere about God.

Have you ever been through the mountains? A couple of summers ago I went with our youth group to Guadalajara Mexico. On one trip to the Pacific Ocean we drove through the mountains. With every turn of the corner we were able to see a new panoramic view of God’s creation as we took our dangerous treck on a mountain road. If you’re ever at Sonshine at around sunset you will notice the incredible western sky in all of God’s glory. The Psalmist in today’s text says that nature can tell us something about God. It shows his power, creativity, and vastness. We serve a big God. Every time you see a volcano erupt or a caterpillar become a butterfly it reveals something to us about God.

The theme of the week is that we have a stewardship of God’s revelation to us. One of the ways we can be a good steward of the God’s revelation through nature is to study science. True, testable science is simply an exploration into what God has created. Truth about God’s creation can be used in conversation to point people to God. Take some time today to thank God for declaring His glory in His creation.