Accountable to God: Day 53


March 22, 2012
Today’s Text: 1 Peter 1:20-21
Today’s Key Thought: God’s Word should be our ultimate authority.

Not only has God revealed Himself to us in creation, and through the person of Jesus Christ.  He has revealed Himself to us clearly, authoritatively and miraculously through the Bible.

Peter tells his readers that we don’t make the meaning of scripture.  What God meant when he wrote scripture through “holy men of God” has been determined by Him and should be discovered by us.

Peter helps us to understand that the writing of scripture wasn’t something that was planned by men and then used by God.  God moved the writers of scripture to write exactly what He wanted them to write while still using their unique writing styles, gifts, talents and abilities.


Since the Bible is God’s Word it carries all of His authority.  Is there anything that you’re doing that is directly disobeying scripture?