Devotion for April 12, 2012

Read Acts 21:27-40

This is incredible. Paul was warned that if he went to Jerusalem he would be bound, and persecuted. Paul doesn’t seem to be there very long and this is exactly what happened. He was falsly accused, beaten by a crowd of people, and then found, and bound by the Roman guards that were there. While he was being lead by the Roman Guard he asks him if he can address the people who had been beating him and hurting him. He then goes on to address these people in the next few verses.

How can I apply this to my life?

What I find so incredibly amazing is this- I am often not very bold in my witness. I get scared to say something when that something needs to be said. I worry that I may be seen as too pushy or whatever. Paul was so motivated by the gospel that he was willing over and over again to be beaten, maligned, imprisoned and much worse. Eventually Paul did give his life for the gospel.When I read about Paul, I don’t sense a spirit of fear in his life. I believe that there was a confidence in the Gospel that lead him to do what he did!

The Gospel is the HOPE FOR THE WORLD! I need to be bold and stand out in bringing that hope every chance I get, NO MATTER WHAT!