Week 2 of Judges- God and anger…

So last week we talked about the cycle of the book of judges. Today we’re going to look at how this cycle worked out in the book of judges.

And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and forgat the LORD their God, and served Baalim and the groves. (8) Therefore the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and he sold them into the hand of Chushanrishathaim king of Mesopotamia: and the children of Israel served Chushanrishathaim eight years.
Judges 3:7-11

“And the children…and forgat the Lord their God…”
This speaks of the first part of the cycle. The nation of Israel did wrong. They chose not to consider what God wanted. Whenever we sin this is exactly the problem!

“and served Baalim and groves.”
Baalim was a male “god” that ISrael continually worshipped instead of God throughout the book of Judges. The “groves” were places that Ashteroth, the female “goddess”,that many of the Caananites (the people in the land that they were supposed to drive out when they first got there) was worshipped. The worship dishonored God in many ways.

“Therefore the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel…”
This kind of language about God is kind of scary isn’t it? God was angry at his own people

because of what they had done. And rightly so! Think about all God had done to get them to the promised land, and then right when they got to what He wanted to give them they began to worship and serve gods that didn’t even exist!

Life Step: Think about it…
What do you think about the statement“the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel”?
Does this mean that God didn’t love them?
What does this say about anger as an emotion?
Do you think we make God angry when we do wrong?
The children of Israel served Baalim and Ashteroth. Most of us don’t worship false statue idols in our house. Does this mean we don’t have idols? How do idols make us forget God?

6 thoughts on “Week 2 of Judges- God and anger…

  1. Even though the children of Israel sinned, I think God still loved them. But it must be hard for God when anyone sins because that immediately makes us apart from God because He can’t be in the presence of sin. & although we don’t serve actual “god” idols, pretty much anything that takes Gods place as #1 can be an idol in our lives. God needs to be number one in our life always, and when He’s not, that creates a problem. I know this is something I struggle with a lot!

  2. Graciee lou

    The people of Israel were living in a vicious cycle: Sin, judgement/ punishment, Repent, Deliverance. Every single time they slipped away from God and started to worship their own ‘gods’. It hurt God, but He was always right there to say ‘welcome home!’ It made God angry that they would forget Him, after everything He did for them, and slip into a pattern of sin of worshiping their silly made-up gods. He gave them so much and they back-stabbed Him by participating in pagan rituals and getting sucked into a cycle of sin. He still loved them, though He was angry, and decided if they ‘wanted’ sin and all its ‘glory’ that He was gonna give it to them. God let them be taken into captivity where they could freely ‘enjoy’ sin and all its ‘great’ consequences. They decided they didn’t like it so much and remembered what they had when they had a relationship with God, the one and only, and they repented. Of course, God took them back with loving arms. Even with how much God gave them and loved them..they continued this cycle. It seems stupid…because, obviously, being in cahoots with God is much better then living in an unfulfilling life filled with sin, yet we are just like the Israelites. We think we can do everything ourselves..we slowly shut God out of our life…and finally POOF He is gone and we are begging for Him to forgive us and come to the rescue. Our stupid sin nature tells us we don’t need God and we can do whatever we want, but this only leads to a big mess with our loving God taking us back into His arms again. Funny how He gives us everything and we always leave Him for something ‘better’ What could be better? Nothing. We always leave Him, yet He is always there..waiting for us to come back. Found this in a sermon (Our flesh wants to redefine evil and then it wants to build idols of self–righteousness, idols that cry out, “You can do it your way. You’re capable of handling your own life.You don’t need Jesus Christ as Lord; you don’t need to die in order to live; you don’t need to crucify the flesh.Come with us. Live a full life and sprinkle enough religion in it so you won’t be guilty.) Guilty as charged. It’s called going through the motions. The best thing about God, the factor that just makes Him the bestest thing since sliced bread, is that no matter what I do or how far I walk in the wrong direction…God is waiting, with arms open, for me to come home. He is so forgiving and if He wasn’t I would be screwed. #Thanks for being there God ❤

    Ps. whoo! finally ungrounded.. well i was on friday. but anyways im back in devos 😀

  3. Blake via

    I do think God gets angry at us but it’s a loving anger like your parents they are angry because you messed up but they get angry because they love us and don’t want us to do bad things.

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