Week 10 of Judges – Moral Weakness

Judges 16:1-4 – Moral Weakness

1 Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there an harlot, and went in unto her.

And it was told the Gazites, saying, Samson is come hither. And they compassed him in, and laid wait for him all night in the gate of the city, and were quiet all the night, saying, In the morning, when it is day, we shall kill him.

And Samson lay till midnight, and arose at midnight, and took the doors of the gate of the city, and the two posts, and went away with them, bar and all, and put them upon his shoulders, and carried them up to the top of an hill that is before Hebron.

And it came to pass afterward, that he loved a woman in the valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah.

Samson’s glaring moral weakness comes into light now. After the whole ordeal with his wife, he finds himself a harlot. The enemy, however, learned about his location and decided to kill him then and there. Samson, not having any part of getting killed, got up and grabbed the gate of the city and took off running!! What’s impressive about this is that he ran with the door, posts, and locking bar for 38 miles (more than a marathon!) mostly up hill!

Samson was a man with impressive physical strength given to him by God. What is interesting, though, is that just because Samson was physically strong does not make him morally strong (as we see by him finding a harlot). We need to be careful in our lives that we do not equate moral strength with anything else. It is when we become complacent that we need to be careful with our morals. Samson had that problem, and in verse 4 we meet the woman who would be his downfall, Delilah.

Life Step: Think about it…

In what ways can we become content and allow moral weakness to creep into our lives?

What can we do to stay focused on keeping our morals pure?