Luke- Week 8- Day 3

(21)  And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

Luke 4:21

The Messiah’s Claim
Jesus is clearly claiming that He is the fulfillment to this scripture. Jesus didn’t say “one day this scripture is fulfilled in your ears”. Jesus said “this day”!

This is the essence of Jesus’ claim.

Sinners are poor, having nothing to offer God that will take away their sin debt on their own. Jesus brings good news that in Him we can be spiritually rich. In eternity, we will be rich.
Sinners are spiritually sick and in need of healing. Jesus is the Great Physician, giving spiritual health and life. In eternity we will have incredible, eternal, and vibrant life, never to die again.
Sinners are held captive by their sin and in need of release. Jesus has come to bring freedom from the bondage of sin! In eternity we will be free from every bond forever.
Sinners are blind, unable to see themselves rightly. Jesus helps us to see the way He sees as He indwells and brings us sight. In eternity hope becomes sight!

Jesus Christ is the only way to God. This was His claim. His purpose in coming was to save the poor in spirit, the spiritually sick, the captive to sin, and the spiritually blind.

Jesus makes the claim and it is up to us to accept it.
If we have accepted this it is our job to declare this to those around us.

Have you recognized Jesus as Lord and Savior?
Who do you need to share Christ with today?