Battle Ready: The Requests of Battlefield Prayer- Utterance


(19)  And for me, that utterance may be given unto me,

Ephesians 6:19a


Paul gives us an example here.  He is not shy to begin to request prayers from the Ephesians now for himself.  What he asks prayer for is instructive.  He is not praying for deliverance. Remember he is writing this from jail.

He is not praying for healing or provision of a physical or financial kind.

He prays here for utterance.  He wants to say the right word, in the right way, at the right time.  Why is this important to him?   The advancement in this battle is the advancement of the Gospel. He is taking the message of the Gospel, this stewardship of the mystery that has been given to him, to the uttermost part of the earth.  He was speaking to people in places of power, and to those who were normal, everyday people.  He needed to be able to speak well.


What a great prayer request in the midst of spiritual battle.  Paul had already affirmed “speaking the truth in love” as a mark of mature ministry.  It is an important thing for us to pray for as well.  We ought to speak as we have opportunity.  Our prayer for ourselves, and for each other should be for God to give us the right word to say at the write time, especially when it comes to proclaiming the Gospel.


God give me the words to day and help me to faithfully look for opportunities today.