On fences and outlet covers…

Melana has become pretty mobile in the last few weeks, so Meg and I went out and got one of those fences for infants/toddlers that goes in the room to keep her contained a little bit. We also got outlet covers for all the electrical outlets. You know why? Of course you do. We know the potential pain and danger associated with getting shocked or having things fall on her.

Already Melana is getting into things that she doesn’t need to be into. What’s worse is that sometimes she cries when we enforce these boundaries. She doesn’t always understand that we are doing this FOR her not TO her.

You know the same can be said of our Heavenly Father. When he gave us His Word, His Law, it is because he knows the dangers of living in and with sin. He sees all the hurt and pain we experience when we break His laws. We’ve got to trust Him even when we don’t understand.

Don’t ignore God’s Word. Is it really THE Aurhority in your life? It’s wasn’t given to “cramp your style”. God wants to protect You. He has spoken Find out what he has said…and do it!

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