The Future

The Future

Bill Bales- Preached at 15th Anniversary Service

April 17, 20111 Corinthians 14:40; Nehemiah 3:1-32
2 Things I hope we never lose:-Our sense of purpose (philosophy)1. God gives the increase.2. If we take care of what God gives you, God will give you more.-Our sense of humor.
What are we going to build on?  The principles of God’s work found in God’s Word.
4 Principles for the FutureNehemiah 1
1. The principles of simplification.  (Vs. 1-5)*The strongest organizations are the most simple.
2. The principle of participation. (Vs. 5)*Work with those who want to work.
3.  The principle of delegation.*Match the right person with the right the task. (Vs.It’s not everybody doing everything.  It is everybody doing their thing.
4.  The principle of cooperation.*Cooperation is a greater motivator than competition.

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