James- Day 9

Devotion for Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
James 1:17

Over the last couple of days we have learned that temptations, trials, and difficult circumstances do not find their source in God.  But guess what does?  Every good and perfect gift is from God.  Did you know everything that is good in your life is a gracious gift from God?  The air you breath, the love you experience from your friends and family, the way your body functions to sustain your life, your heartbeat, your relationship with God, and your salvation are all examples of gifts that God gives.
The other thing we find out today is that our God doesn’t change.  In theology we call it God’s immutability.  God doesn’t change!  He doesn’t tempt us to do evil, everything good we have comes from Him, and that will never change because God will never change.  He can be trusted.  He will keep the gracious promises He has given to us because that is who He is!
Application:  Today, take some time to list out 10 good gifts that God has specifically given to you.  Then thank God for what He has given to you.

24 thoughts on “James- Day 9

  1. God has been SO good to me through my life even when at times I didn’t care about him or put Him first, He’s always been gracious to me and even when temptations came into my life or bad things happened, they were always something I could find my way through, cause I’m here now! God’s given me so many gifts I feel spoiled. God’s given me: 1 the chance to be forgiven of the ugly sins I take/ taken part in. 2 the chance to have a relationship with the creature of the universe. 3 a loving mom and dad who shared the gospel with me, which got me to being where I am today. Who have raised me to have morals and to do the right thing. Who give me so much! 4 three awesome sibiling who are super crazy but all unique in their own ways. Who are pains in the butts sometimes, but my heart brakes for them suckers! 5 Sonshine Baptist Church, a church home that I can call my own and come to grow and worship God! A place where i can be myself the most even if I’m down. 6 H2O student ministries.Pastor Ben, Megan,Laura, John, Sandi, and Tim are tremendous! & honestly I don’t know where I’d be without all of you! Thank you very much!  A great group of teens who I love so very much, who give me the passion to want to make a difference in this world, to help them grow and have the fire for God that is in my heart into theirs.  7 the bible, having God’s word at my fingertips is incredible and I definetley take advantage of that.. 8 being able to communicate to God, 24/7 and coming to Him in times of need or just when I need to talk. Prayer is amazing and I love it so much! 9 being able to type this on my phone and posting it while I’m on the road or anywhere I go… I have so much and I’m a spoiled 17 year old. I have a home, more food then I need, a bed, too many clothes, a tv, etc. I have SO much when others have so little. God’s given me all of this so that I can make a difference for Him, and I will! 10 the willing heart. God’s given me a willing heart. Everyone always says your just way too nice blah blah. I LOVE people. I love kids, teens, adults, old people, I love them all. I’ll talk to anyone really, and God’s given me this heart to do something for Him, and that’s what I intend to. I plan on using my passions, and my willing heart to serve God! 

    God’s given me way more then I deserve, but I’m so thankful for everything! God’s grace is amazing and so is He! Thankful for a God that loves me more then I can ever imagine! 

  2. Mafalda Delienne

    God has given me so much gifts that I love from the bottom of my heart and I treasure those gifts everyday. God has given me great friends that are awesome and i know will always be there for me when I need em. An amazing mom who is like my best friend. A school so I can learn more and get a good education. He blessed me with a house I can call my own, food, he blessed me and gave me the earth so one day I will travel and see the world. he gave me the gift of love and family by my side,the gift of happiness, but the best gift of all was when he died on the cross for us and forgave our sins (past, present, and futhure). I just want to thank him for all of his gifts that I love abd without them I would be no where…oh and I want to add one more gift. That god brouth me to H2O student ministries and now I have all my church family!! 😀

  3. Tristian Lechien

    Ok to start off, God has deff gave me a HOLE lot!!!! 😀 and I’m very thankful for it!
    1) God has blessed me w/ my home.
    2) God gave me a wonderful family.
    3) God gave me friends tht I could bring to church to learn the gospel!
    4) He has gave my mom a job and money so we can eat.
    5) He gave me a room filled w/ books and clothes and some toys.
    6) One of the most important, He blessed me w/ a church family filled w/ brothers and sisters of Christ, tht love me!!!!!! Thts so amazing! 😀
    7) He gave me a group of great parents tht love me!
    8) he gave me a school filled w/ children tht don’t have a church home. I could invite!
    9) He also gave me the gift of happiness so tht I can b happy!
    10) and the overall MOST important is deff tht Jesus Christ went to the cross to pay for my sins. And then he died pierced to the cross & then rose again 3 days later!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 this is amazing I’m sosoososososososo thankful for all the things my Lord has given me! Thanks so much!!!! 😀 I will always treasure all the things tht were given to me! 🙂 I’ll never forget it! 🙂

  4. Laura

    1) first and foremost my Salvation! Without that gift I would have nothing that mattered.
    2) My husband who God blessed me with in 1989. God was good to me before I had even accepted a relationship with Him.
    3) My children Mikayla and Mackenzie. Mikayla was a gift after waiting almost 8 years, and Mackenzie was a 10th wedding anniversary surprise.
    4) God gave me the gift to homeschool my children. Believe me, without Him I couldn’t have done this for over 5 years.
    5) He gave me the gift to “gab”, which allows me to talk to just about anyone and show myself friendly.
    6) The gift of living in America and having my freedom. I love being an American. I could have been born anywhere, but through His grace I was given so much.
    7) I have a gift for baking. I hardly do it lately, but I have been able to use this gift every year to reach people and help the church.
    8) My health. I have been so blessed my entire life to be relatively healthy. I pray it continues.
    9) My church family and my youth group. What a blessing it is that God has given me an opportunity to serve at Sonshine Baptist Church. I am blessed with awesome Godly leadership who has allowed me to use my gifts freely there. I am finding new gifts all the time getting to work with my favorite youth group! love you all!
    10) My Mom and Dad and sister and brother and their families and John’s mom who lives with us. I hope that the gifts God has given me will ultimately lead them to Christ. It is a gift to still have my parents alive and well. It has been a gift to have them come and live in Florida part of the year. This year will be the third time they have come. It is such a gift to be given that time with them because I know that I will not have them forever.
    This was a great way to start my day! I needed to stop and appreciate how blessed I really am!

  5. Megan

    1. Salvation- God gave His Son when I was His enemy, that is unreal but God is Love.
    2. Husband- when I finally let God fully guide my life He brought Ben into my life. I am so grateful for a godly husband who loves me unconditionally and who’s greatest desire is to see me grow in my relationship with the Lord.
    2. Daughter- no one can describe what being a mom is truly like until you have a child of your own. My precious little daughter helps me grow in my relationship with God so that I can be who she needs me to be. She is my joy.
    3. Family- the loving family who God placed me in allowed me to hear the gospel at an early age. Also for the way they provided for me and loved me. For my new family and the amazing Godly influence they had on my husband to help him be who he is an the way they love me and have taken me in.
    4. Church- so thankful for a Pastor who sought out to bring us here to minister and for a church family who we can minister with. We have an amazing church family full of people who love the Lord and love us too. Also included is H2O with all the wonderful teens who we have watched grow inthe Lord like crazy these past few months/years.
    5. Health- I am so blessed to have good health and that I am able to be a wife, mom, and friend without any restrictions or limitations. I am able to get out of bed on my own and to play outside with my daughter.
    6. Bible- for the complete word of God in my hands, on my desk, on my bookshelf, and in my night stand. The fact that I am not being persecuted over having the bible in my home is amazing. The blessing that I can freely read and study and fall in love with the one who haa given His life for me. It’s incredible. I have to know what His word says so I can know how I am to live.
    8. God’s Provision- He is always faithful and somehow we always have exactly what we need and we need it. There is food in the fridge, a car in the garage, a solid roof over my head, running water, toilets, and power. We have the ability to work for our living and have more than what we need. He blesses and surprises when we least expect it.
    9. Surgery- the ability to have technology to have Melana’s eye surgery, the doctors to be able to perform it, and the finances to be able to pay for it. We have the ability to make her life a little easier through God’s ultimate healing power and will.
    10. Abilities- god has given me specific talents and abilities that are to be used for His glory. Sometimes I don’t always know how to use them or what they are but using all of me to bring Him glory any way I can works too.

  6. bencatapane

    God has given me…
    An iPod Touch
    A roof over my head
    A Awesome church family
    A loving family
    His Son, Jesus Christ
    A dog
    Mad Guitar Hero skills
    My own room
    A place with him in Heaven

    Thank you God 🙂

  7. Sandi Volskay

    1. Salvation-Which I don’t deserve–Thank you Jesus!
    2.The Bible-The creator of everything speaking to me personally, giving me guidance and love everyday
    .3.My husband- The “Tim Volskay”, my best friend
    4.Family- my children and grandchildren are the source of so much joy in my life
    5.My church family-Pastor Bales and Charlotte,Pastor Ben and Megan, John and Laura and all of you guys in h2o are the best. I have grown more than ever since I started in h2o. Thank you all for being such an inspiration to me.
    6.Trials-I know it sounds weird. But going through the really hard times makes me truly see how much I need the Lord and I move closer to Him.
    7.My country- We are so blessed here, And best of all we are free to worship God without fear. I never want to take that for granted,
    8.Talent- I love to draw. I’m so happy that God gave me ways to use art to serve Him.
    9. Our jobs- Tim and I have really good jobs that provide us with a home and everything else we need, And we’re able to give back to the Lord by tything to our church.
    10.Our health-so many people out there are hurting and sick or disabled and can’t do things for
    for themselves, I’m very thankful that my family and I are able to work and play and serve others.

  8. Blake via

    #1 A loving church family. #2 A loving family. #3 Awesome friends. #4 A church. #5 H2ostuff.com too help me grow in God (internet). #6 A home. #7 A Bible. #8 An awesome youth pastor :). #9 An IPod. And most of all my salvation. #10

  9. benvia

    #1 my salvation #2 my family #3 church #4 my mother and father #5 my Bible #6 my friends#7 my house #8 food #9 my awesome dog #10 pastor and youth pastor.

  10. Alexis Catapane

    Ben was talking about this last night at youth group, how we are so blessed and have a lot more than other people in the world!
    1). My salvation, it’s crazy how God loved me enough to send his son to die for me so I can have a relationship with Him!
    2). My parents, I know God gave me my parents for a reason, and I’m so thankful for them.
    3). My siblings, although they can be a pain sometimes, I love them to death and can’t imagine living without them!
    4). My church. Like Melanie said, it’s so amazing to have a place where I can go to worship God and be with other Christians!
    5). My home, food, clothes, hot water, and stuff like that! (That most of the time I don’t need!)
    6). The Bible & Prayer, two ways to communicate with God all the time!
    7). My best friends. They’ve been here for me and helped me through soo much, I’m very thankful for them and all of my other friends! 🙂
    8). Freedom to worship God, pray, and read my bible whenever I want to! It’s amazing!
    9). The way God is so forgiving. No matter what I do or how badly I mess up, he forgives me every single time! Last but not least!…
    10). My church family/H2O youth group. Ben, Megan and all the leaders are so amazing! Youth group wouldn’t be the same without them. And I’m so thankful to be a part of what God is doing in H2O! 😀

  11. 1. My salvation- God gave His son Jesus to die on the cross for MY sin and yours. That is the biggest, best, and most humbling gift God has given to me. He loved me enough to have His son die for me to have a home in Heaven. How amazing is that 🙂
    2. Family- I have two amazing parents who are there for me anytime of day, and my 3 crazy siblings who i’ve gone through everything with. I’m watching my siblings grow together in their relationships with God which is such a cool thing. My familys a huge blessing and i dont know what i’d do without any of them!!
    3. Sonshine- Absolutley biggest life changing gift God put in my life. Because of you guys i’ve learned and grown to love our God so much, and i’ve got the opportunity to see you guys grow! And to be a part of a loving, welcoming, and real church is just so rewarding. Some of my best and truest friends are you guys and im so grateful to be able to come to a place and learn about God’s word together!
    4. Friends- Everyone at Sonshine, you know i love you all and im so grateful to have met each one of you, and have awesome friendships!! Im grateful for the good friends i have in school, cause friends are hard to find. God’s put some great people in my life!
    5. My home- I feel spoiled when i say “I want my own room, i need my space” when half of the world is homeless. Such a huge blessing to have a place called “home” where i can go to and feel safe.
    6. Bible & Prayer- My way to communicate to the creator of the universe?! Absolutley a great gift from God! 🙂
    7. School- Yeah, school can really stink sometimes. But imagine none of us having the ability to public schools. Where would we be? I know its a gift from God to get a full, & free education!
    8. Technology- Without it we wouldn’t be on this blog together reading God’s word! Life has become so much more easier and accessible because of todays technology! I know im super grateful to have a computer, TV, phone, ipod, etc.
    9. Difficult times- Not the greatest thing i go thru in my life, but im so happy i do go thru hard times. God teaches me something important every* time 🙂
    10. America- Im grateful to live in a “God Blessed” country, where our religion is allowed to be taught and acted upon.
    Everything good in our lives is a gift from God for sure, and i know i wrote a lot but im am truley blessed and grateful for everything God has given me in my life so far 🙂

  12. Go has given me a WHOLE LOT!!!! 🙂 Here are a few things he’s given me!

    1) A roof over my head-im soo blessed 2 have a roof over my head!over half the world doesn’t hv a house!

    2) Sonshine Baptist Church- Im so so blessed 2 hv a church family 2 look up 2 and watch grow in their relationship w/ God!!!!!

    3) a WONDERFUL family-im sooo blessed 2 hv a family that i can love and look up 2!!!!

    4) Food on the table- Im soooo blessed 2 hv an AWESOME dad that goes 2 work almost every day 2 get the money 2 put food on the table!!

    5) Salvation- im SOOOOO happy 2 have Jesus die on the cross 4 my sins!!!! i am sooo blessed 2 hv an awesome relationship w/ God!!!!!

    6) Health- There are people all over the world who hv disabilities and bad health.thats something we ought 2 b happy 4 that our health is good!!

    7) Friends-im so blessed 2 have friends that can help me through the tough times.Im also happy that they r somebody 2 where I can tell them ANYTHING!!!!(we can also do the same thing w/ god!!)

    8) Pets-im soo blessed 2 hv my 4 wonderful pets!! There r people everywhere who long 2 hv a pet and they can’t have one!

    9) School- im so blessed 2 hv a school 2 go 2!! if there weren’t any schools around,kids wouldn’t be as smart as they would be now!(although it kinda stinks!!)

    10) A home reserved 4 me in Heaven!- Im sooooooo glad 2 be able 2 hv a home in heaven! if i didn’t,then I would be in Hell where everything is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times worse.(i have nooo idea what that # is!!)

    After listing all of this,it made me think of something,and that something is Being Grateful!!! 4 example,if ur Mom and Dad took u and a couple of ur friends 2 sunsplash 4 the whole day.After going there,you ask them if u could go over to ur friends house and they say no.If u keep asking them and asking them and they still say no,thats being ungrateful.I say that because u already got 2 spend the whole day w/ them and u need 2 more? You should just be happy that u got 2 spend time w/ them already.So,next time u complain that u want more remember,there are other people in the world that don’t hv what u have, Just be happy with what u got!!!!!!

  13. andrew mentzer

    god has gave me a 1. great family 2. a house 3. great friends. 4. a loving and caring church 5. he also gave me salvation. 6. a great thing to use in my life the bible 7. pets to love and care. 8. gave me a greaat and awesome youth paster and youth leader 9. he gave me alot of fun times with me family and friends. 10. God has giving me school. i love you God

  14. God has givin me alot but these things are the most importent in my life!
    1.) A loveing church family which I can never replace.
    2.) My loveing family.
    3.) A place in heaven when I die.
    4.) My life!!!!!
    5.) My little house but still love it.
    6.) Friends that I can bring to church.
    7.) My brother who is a pain in the butt, but I still love him to death!<3
    8.) Salvation!!!!!!
    9.) Best helpers in church ever!!!!Luv you all<3!!!
    10.) But one of the most importent things is H20stuff.com so I can grow in faith=]!!!<3
    Thankyou God for everything you have givin me<3!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. John

    You guys… I have been keeping up with the devotional work you have all been putting in since Pastor Ben started this blog…and you continue to grow noticeably in the process. More of you are consistently logging on, and getting more and more out of God’s word, and encouraging each other in the process. Most all of us have similar things to be thankful for, salvation and forgiveness by God’s grace being the chief thing in common, but today I am thankful for all of the thankfulness that “y’all” have expressed today!! Like it had been for Pastor Ben, it had been a HUGE encouragement for me today! You guys rock! I thank God for each of you!

  16. ryan via

    This is a cool devotion, it really makes you step back and realize some of the things you take for granted. 1. Salvation, without this life would be hopeless. 3. A relationship with the God of the universe who loves and cares for me. 3. An awesome family. 4 An awesome church . 5. awesome friends. 6. The youth group, it has just been such a blessing and i have grown so much this year. 7. Living in the United States, people come from all over the world just to have what i have. 8. The oppurtunity to serve in the youth group with the small groups and in general. 9. Being able to work with my dad. 10. My possession, i dont think its wrong to have nice stuff just as long as it doesnt become an idol. This is crazy that these are just a couple of things that God has given to me!

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