3 thoughts on “Devo: Sunday Summary for September 18th

  1. I learned a lot today! This morning Pastor talked all about patience and how important it truly is. Most of the time when we hear the word patience we think of needing patience with school work, getting something, going somewhere, etc, but I think we tend to forget that we need to be patient with other people! We learned in James this morning that when we are full with wrath, or anger, if we act while we are filled with wrath we can make some pretty dumb decisions. James said that we need to hear quickly, speak slowly and slow to wrath. We need to be patient essentially! Having patience is very hard to do sometimes, but if we act in wrath, we can potentially make some pretty stupid decisions and end up in a mess.. Pastor said that we need to think about God’d perspective. If we think in God’s perspective we are getting wisdom, and we can use the wisdom to be patient instead of being impatient. Pastor said when we’re impatient we tend to think me, me, me, me, me, but when we’re patient, we’re using wisdom and making wise decisions. Being patient! “Patience is a virtue”. That’s for sure, but we can chose to act in wrath or to deal with the situation in a matter that God would. God’s perspective is always the right one! We need to stick with it! 🙂

  2. Today in Sunday school we reviewed our devos for the week, James 1:19-27, in our small groups. Even tho ive already read it, it was great to go over it and see what my group thought about everything! Sandi said that the base of the verses was how our words/actions show our faith in God. We have to be real doers of the word and not just listeners.
    In service Pastor Bales made really good points about patience. Its so hard sometimes to be patient because of irritations, and other things. I know sometimes i think i know what to do in a situation & that i dont have to wait, but im so wrong! God puts things in our lives to test our patience but i learn that way. 🙂
    Tonight’s service i was with the kids choir learning the Christmas play (which is gonna be totally awesome!) and i think its awesome hearing these kids praise God and have fun at the same time! 🙂

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