Sunday Night Review- September 25, 2011

Great day today at church.  Just a few things that happened…



  • One of our own H2O teens- Brice Cartwright- was one of the ones baptized today!
  • Really enjoyed preaching this morning…Saw a lot of people come forward.  People responding to God’s Word is always good.
  • Got to eat lunch with a wonderful lady from church.  That was fun!  Sonny’s!
  • H2O Team is rockin’ and rollin’.  I’m so grateful for great adult and student volunteers.
  • Added another couple to our Family Life Class Leadership team tonight!  Woohoo!
  • Corey’s message was amazing tonight.  He did great.  Don’t forget to “abide” this week!  Good stuff…
  • Wendy’s was so fun after church tonight.  We had a bunch of families there from a last minute invitation.  There were people from every adult connection group in our church and h2o class.  It’s amazing to fellowship with our church family!

It’s pretty cool to stop and count our blessings from time to time.  God is amazing.  Thank you God for the great day.  Thank you church family as well!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Review- September 25, 2011

  1. Yesterday was a great day! Way to go Brice! So cool to see so much growth in H2O! 🙂 Your lesson on opposition was great Pastor Ben! It’s something we all go through, and something we all need to know how to handle! Sonny’s is yummmm! & we are rockin’ & rolling! (Especially, throwing snakes!) that’s awesome about the new couple to your class!! 🙂 hoping on having my parents soon.. Praying! I heard Corey did great, too bad I couldn’t see it! But, we had a blast praising God in kids choir! 🙂 & Wendy’s was a blast! Great way to end a great day and a pretty good weekend! God is amazing and gives us so much! 🙂

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