Romans: Week 5- Day 2- Romans 5:2

By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

(Romans 5:2)


Becase we have been justifed by faith in Jesus Christ we have been given peace with God.  But not only have we been given peace, we have been given access to God because of God’s grace.  Our sin made us the enemies of God by nature and by action.  What caused that enmity between us was dealt with on the cross.  But to have a relationship with God, I need to be able to access Him.  Because of justification, my enmity with God is gone, and now I can go to Him.  I can have a relationship with Him.  I can pray to Him and He hears me.  Now that I’m a part of His family He treats me as a son.

When I went to Springfield, Missori to go to Baptist Bible College in the fall of 2000, if I wanted to see the Pastor of Cherry Street Baptist Church at that time I would have had to make an appointment.  Pastor Gilming is a great man, and He was the pastor of the church at the time.  As a freshman, to have a long conversation with Pastor Gilming I would have to be given an appointment.  Today, when I go to Cherry Street Baptist Church, I walk right past the secretary and into the office of the Pastor.  Why?  The pastor there today is my dad.  It’s a matter of access.  I don’t have to make an appointment with my Dad, because I’m his kid.

It’s a simple illustration, but it makes the point that our relationship with God, once we have been justified by faith in Jesus, has fundamentally changed.  We have a new position of grace and sonship, and with this new position comes access to God. 

It’s because of this that we can hope in the glory of God.  We celebrate it.  We worship Him, because in His glory He has saved us from the power of sin, and one day He will bring us out from even the presence of sin. 


If I’ve been given peace with God, and access to God, then I should take time to commune with God.  I can go to God about everything in my life. He has given me His Word which is living and active.  He has indwelled me with His Spirit which convicts me of sin, convinces me of Truth, and illuminates my mind and my heart to the Scripture.

What a privilege.  Don’t waste it!


Take some extra time today to pray to the Lord and spend time with Him.  He’s given us so much!

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