Sunday Review: What a day!

What a great day at church!

  1. Great morning services! We had people come forward to make decisions and one dear lady join our church’
  2. Tonight WE DOUBLED (or close to doubled) our normal Sunday night attendance!
  3. The choir sang today and did a great job! So excited to grow with them and improve our music ministry!
  4. Good meetings with our officers, teachers and care group leaders.
  5. We had teens helping to run our brand new kids choirs.  The kids seemed to have a good time as well!
  6. We had several VISITORS come ON A SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT!

It seems like Sunday nights are going to really help us to equip our people to unleash a lot of ministry that needs to be done in our church and community!

Tonight wasn’t without glitches- there were several, but I’m pumped about our direction!  God really blessed so much!  What a great night!

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