Good reminders from some bad circumstances…

This week my family, many of my friends and I have had to deal with multiple crisis. Don’t worry- Meg, Melana and I are fine. Chances are though, if you’re reading my blog, then you know of at least one or two of the several situations I’m thinking about.

These circumstances have been real reminders to me of some simple, yet profound truths:

  1. God is in control. We are not.

As a pastor I get to be on the front row of some life defining moments in peoples lives. One common question in these times is “Where did that come from?”. Few people expects tragedy to happen to them. When it does happen it reminds us that we are not in control. But when our circumstances seem out of control, it doesn’t mean that God is.

  1. Prayer is critical. Encouragement is necessary. Being available makes a difference.

Sad to say I have promised to pray for people, and not done it. How about you? We have got to pray for people.

Encouragement and availability are great in difficult times.

One of the things I’ve witnessed this week is the good and the bad in electronic communication. The good- within hours (if not minutes) people know of crisis in their friends lives and can pray for them. The bad- electronic communication also makes available misinformation and gossip at a rapid rate as well. Make sure you are discerning when you post about other people’s lives.

We live in a very exciting time. There are people hurting. God has called us not to “go to church”, but to be the church. It’s time to pray, encourage and bear others burdens like never before.

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