Setting Godly Goals (Pastor Bales)

Psalm 37:1-5
Here comes 2011!

You may not do all that you dream, but you’ll never do more than you dream.

8 Questions for setting right goals:
1. Will I be a better person for setting and accomplishing this goal?
2. Will reaching this goal help someone reach their goals?
3. Will this goal get me where I want to go?
( When you answer this question , “where do I want to go?”, every decision becomes important. )
4. Will accomplishment of this goal violate my conscience?
5. Will accomplishing this goal violate the rights of others?
6. Will my family be able to enjoy the accomplishment of my goal?
7. Am I willing to pay the price to succeed at this goal?
8. Can I honestly ask God to help in reaching this goal?

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