Do you pass the caller ID test?

Encouragement- we all need it, and it’s free.  It takes some effort, but I don’t have to buy it to give it away.  It’ll help you pass the caller id test.  What’s that?  Well, let me explain…

There are some people who call me who I know are bringing me a problem, or a complaint.  Many times those people go to voicemail.  (Now if you’ve ever had to leave me a voicemail, it’s not necessarily because you didn’t pass the test.  Sometimes I’m on the other line, or the phone is in another room.  Don’t be offended please!)  But there are some people that when they call I can’t wait to pick up the phone cause I know I’ll be laughing and enjoying the conversation in just a few seconds.  I know I’ll be encouraged.

I hope that I’m in that second category for most people.  I want to be an encouragement.  It’s not that we shouldn’t ever have difficult conversations with people- we ought to hold people accountable.  Some complaints are very valid.  Sometimes problems should be pointed out and dealt with.  But even the way we hold people accountable could be in a “this is what you should do, and I know you can do with the Lord’s help” kind of way.  When we bring people problems or complaints it could be in a “this is the problem I see, but I think this could be a solution and I’d like to be a part of it being solved”.  Even these kinds of conversations can end up being an encouragement.

I think Barnabas in the Bible would have passed the Caller ID test.  I thought it was interesting in our devotion today where the writer told us that Barnabas’ name was originally Joseph.  The disciples of Jesus actually changed his name to Barnabas which means, “Son of Encouragement” (Acts 4:36)

Who can you call, email or write and be an encouragement to today.

So, do you pass the caller id test?

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