Class- 4 years later…

So this week I’m back in class for my last 2 grad-school classes, and there have been some differences from the last time I was in class.  Here are just a couple…

1.  Technology has changed the way we approach our work.  A few years ago everything I did was paper based because digital alternatives were too expensive for many of my peers (including me!).  Now it seems like most of my class mates are using everything from laptops to smartphones to organize their thoughts, take notes, etc.  I wish I would have had more access to the technology I have now back then.

2.  The practical experience that I’ve had affects my classroom experience.  My experience in class is richer because of having the knowledge I’ve gotten from being “in the field.”  My experience out of class has been affected more directly because I can implement some of the things I’m learning right away.

I’ve been reminded this week of the importance of continuing education.  I don’t think it always has to be formal and academic, but I do believe that it’s important to be intentional about your personal and “professional” growth.

Going  a class, or going back to school isn’t the only way to grow.  What’s some other things you can do to help you grow?

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