Devotion- Sunday Summary for August 21st

So I’d like us to be able to re-state some of the things we learned in our church service(s) on Sunday mornings.  We’ll get a lot more out of them if we think about them at other times.

So here we go…

Today’s Text in the morning service:

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Talk about (1)what you learned in Pastor Bales message today, and then talk about (2) how you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned?

This should be a lot of fun!

5 thoughts on “Devotion- Sunday Summary for August 21st

  1. Megan

    1. Something I learned from this mornings message was that God is love and to exemplify the fruit f the spirit I will show love to those around me.

    2. I am a pretty loving person but I need to take my universal love and become more specific to those around me (my neighbors specifically). I need to make love a verb and do something about my lost friends and family.

  2. So what I really liked in today’s messsage was 2 different points-

    1. Acting in love and Thinking in love, specifically to those in my life that are hard to love.
    – There are people that I have a difficult time loving, and so proactively thinking loving things about them, and doing something for them could be a way for my attitude toward them to change.

    2. “Bless them that curse you”- Pastor said today- “How do you bless those that curse you? With what you say about them, and what you say to them. “The tongue of the wise brings healing.”

    Encouraging words about someone and to someone can be really uplifting and loving.

  3. 1. What i learned in Pastor Bales message was that even though it is hard. And something we all dont want to do, we have to be loving people. Whether that means we need to think loving thoughts, or forgive that person. I also learned that when you forgive someone, your not helping them or letting them off the hook. Your helping yourself. If you want to be loved, you have to be loveable yourself. I know i am not like that all the time.. But i try 🙂
    2. I’ll be able to use what i learned today by reevaluating how i treat people. Sometimes i am not the most lovable person to my family, or to my friends. I’ll have the little card that has the 5 steps to becoming a more loving person in my binder at school, so i’ll always be reminded of how God wants me to be 🙂

  4. Melanie Mentzer

    1. What I took away from Pastor’s message this morning is that 3 basic principles that we’ve been taught all of our lives growing up, are so hard to do sometimes, but they can essentially make us a more loving person and are so important! Think loving thoughts. I know I’ve been told to think good about other people as a little girl. It’s in such a different context now that I’m older though. Pastor said, “Hurt people, hurt people.” We need to think loving thoughts toward others, because we don’t want to become a hurt person and hurt others. We want to love our neighbor as thyself. Acting in love. Pastor gave us four examples of how we can act in love. Pastor Ben talked about how we can bless those who curse us and I think that one is very important, but the one that stuck out to me was pray for those who mistreat you! “Prayer not only changes them, it changes us!” When we start to pray about everything, we put everything in God’s hands. So if we pray about those who mistreat us, it will not only help them by God helping them, but we put the situation into His hands. Expect the best! “When we expect the best, we hope for the best.”
    2. I can apply all of this to my own life. I know that I’m a pretty easy going person and that I’m definetly not a hater, but there are times that I know I can and need to be a more loving person. I know that I need to think loving thoughts toward those I don’t want to. Realize my unloving thoughts, reject them, and replace them with loving ones! I know I need to put not just certain things in God’s hands, but everything!! 🙂

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