James- Day 27

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body. 4 Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, whithersoever the governor listeth.
James 3:3-4

Have you ever been on a huge ship?  Isn’t it amazing how such a big ship is directed with such a relatively small rudder, and generally by just one person.

It’s the same with horses.  Have you ever seen Clydesdale horses?  They are gigantic.  They could easily physically dominate most human beings that would try to control them.  Yet the bridle (which ironically goes in their mouths) allow even the smallest of jockey’s or riders to reign them in and use them for whatever purpose is needed.

Both of these examples speak to the control that just a small part can have.  James says that our tongues are like that.  The words we use can end up controlling us.  We make a promise that we shouldn’t have with our mouths, and now it affects our entire bodies and schedules.  We make a comment, and as a result we reap a reputation that is positive or negative.  We tell a lie, and lose friends, jobs, livelihoods, and relationships.  The tongue is small, but the consequences of our words are not.


Now this is not just a bad thing.  It can be a good thing!  Our words can be used to do incredible.  So here is a challenge- Take a few moments to talk to God.  I even challenge you to speak out loud to God if you can.  Use your words to talk to God!  Secondly, purposely use your words today to say something to encourage someone in your life.  Are you ready to take this challenge?  Alright…Get ready, Get set…GO!

36 thoughts on “James- Day 27

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    Okay first of all I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to trsitan Lechien she’s 14 and she’s growing up so fast 😉 so happy birthday!!! 🙂 <33. This passage is saying that everything is has a master or is controlled by smorons like a the horse if we put food in it's mouth then it will obey us and we wil control it's whole bodie, and a ship too the ship might go throuh hard winds but the person who cineplex it is the captian of the whole ship and the captian tells the ship were to go it gives it direction.

  2. Tristian Lechien

    Thank u Mafalda Delienne!!! Lol! 🙂 <333 this passage is saying tht words r very powerful! They really r!! They can be good at the same token! 🙂 Mafalda is exactly right!!! With the master controlling the ship I think? but ya this was a great passage! 🙂 and yes it is my birthday! Thanks to Mafalda everyone knows!! lol 🙂 I hope u guys have a good Tuesday and c u tmrw! And I hope I have a great birthday! 🙂 lol I love u guys! ❤

    1. Laura

      Happy Birthday Tristian!! Me and the girls are already planning how you will come here next summer and go to camp with us. I pray that will happen. Love you girl

  3. first of all HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISTIAN !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 i can’t believe ur 14!!!! 🙂 words are very powerful!!! they can still be good though!! just like a controler of a ship,we control our body.we need 2 control our words and say the better thing 2 say!! this is a VERY important thing we need 2 work on!! i know everyone isn’t always great at it but we should still try!! i know i need 2!!! p.s. my broter is doing better!! he may get out today or tmrw!!! love u guys!!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Blake via

    This is really true that are tongues can be good and bad and we can have a positive tongue or a negative we can say loving things or hateful by calling a person names or talking behind someones back but we can use are mouth for positive tongue by just being nice. And CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!:)

  5. Alexis Catapane

    James uses cool examples in this passage about how something small can end up taking control of something big. Just like a bit in a horses mouth, controlling it’s whole body and the direction it goes, our mouth can end up controlling us too. Sometimes it’s a good thing, but most of the time it can be a bad thing. What Ben said in the commentary is so true! The tongue is small, but the consequences of our words are not. You can hurt people very much by the things you say, but you could also help someone by using your words to encourage them and so on! I’ve been hurt by something someone has said to me, and I know I’ve definitely hurt some people by my words. (and the consequences were not good.) But there were lessons learned.
    Talking about this subject makes so thankful that God is forgiving! And it reminds me to be forgiving to others if someone has hurt me. Sometimes I say things I don’t mean, or I’ll say that I would do something and end up not doing it after all. But I think this is a great challenge, and it will be very helpful to me. I’m ready to use my words as an encouragement! 🙂

  6. I love the analogies within these verses! It’s so true that our tongues are small, but even though they’re so small, they can do so much damage! Sometimes if I know when I open my mouth something that I’ll regret comes out, I just bite my tongue. The saying sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, is just so untrue. Words can hurt way worse then a bruise and we tend to hold grudges over the words someone has said to us which last even longer then bruises! I took this challenge today and got the chance to encourage a friend and it was really cool! 🙂 it’s so neat when you get to do things for God! Prayer is words that we can blab to God and He’ll never get tired of listening. Instead of taking our angry problems out on others, we need to take our problems TO God! When we pray about things in our lives, we are putting them in God’s hands. Instead of counting to 10 to calm you down, talk to God. There is never a bad time to talk to Him. God’s schedule is 24/7, 365! I know that by watching what I say, I can really be uplifting and encouraging to others, rather then misleading and discouraging. Let’s use our words to do incredible things! 🙂

  7. grace

    “Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me” This is so not true. It’s just a sad attempt to put aside your feelings. Words are SOOO powerful. It’s really interesting that the past two devos were on our words and how much they can sting…because today at school i read an article that talked about how as kids we would always say “sticks and stones…” We would act all tough when we were called names…”Hey johnny, your stinky >:D” LOL ‘words will never hurt me :p’ ..but inside it hurts. Our tongue is so small, but it can be the most abusive weapon we have. It’s such a small piece of us, but at the same time the most damaging. James encourages us to use our words for good! Because words can be very uplifting, as well! :3 I know, personally, sometimes I can be really harsh to my little brothers with my words….I’ve also had many people say some NOT SO GREAT things.. and they are truly hurtful, they stick with you. I still remember them even though it was years ago. I will try to use my words for good 🙂 I want them to be uplifting and helpful! Most of all i want to glorify God through my words. I’ll make my own challenge. LOL Operation: Be Nice To Josiah xD .-. ❤

  8. Laura

    I am going to use my tongue for good right now. I love all of you and am so proud of the kids you are and how you are growing. We really do need to lift one another up and be an encouragement. I know that I always feel great when someone is encouraging to me. I really appreciate it. We can all get discouraged easily which then can turn to bitterness if we aren’t careful. I have been there. You guys are amazing and I appreciate what I am learning from all of you.

  9. So what i learned from these few verses are that our words can be controlling in a good or bad way! I hope i can use my words for good 🙂 sometimes i screw up, and say the wrong thing at the wrong time & i regret it! I dont think before i speak sometimes & that can get me into big trouble. But i accept the challenge of using my words for good! Yeah, our tounge is small, but what comes our of our mouths can be HUGE! It can be Hurtful words, lies, and just words that arent pleasing to God. Or it can be encouraging words, and words that everyone can learn from! We all need to be aware of what we say because it represents our testimony as well 🙂

    Btw, happy birthday Tristian! 🙂

  10. Sandi Volskay

    First, Happy Birthday Tristian! Hope you had a great day. Mr. Tim’s birthday is tommorrow. He’s going to kill me for telling you that!
    I Iove the comments you guys are making, You’re all doing a great job.
    You’re so right Mel about talking to God constantly. The closer we are to God, the better the chances are that our words will be positive and uplifting to others. It starts with having our hearts right with God.
    One of my favorite verses is Ps.19:14 ” Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.”
    Love you guys. See you tommorrow.

  11. ryan via

    This is so true, your tongue can get you in alot of trouble but it can also do some much good. So that is one thing i definitley need to work in building people up and not tearing them down.

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