James- Day 43

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 

“…and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” James 4:8b

In today’s devotion we’ll be looking at the 5th command:

  1. “Purify your hearts”–  If “cleanse” is on the outside, then “purify” speaks to the inner person.

The person who is called to purify their hearts is the “double minded.”  This is the 2nd time that “double minded” people have been refered to in James. (1:8).

Our hearts are so critical to a right relationship with God.  Jesus said that our heart is what controls our mouths/words.  (Matthew 12:34).  Solomon told us that out of the heart flow the issues of life.  Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”  Paul tells Timothy to “Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”

The inside of us is what controls and motivates the outside of us.  When our heart is right with God we will do and speak the kind of things that please God.  The problem is we can’t do it on our own.  God is willing to help us get clean, but we must be willing.


Is there something that you need to confess to God today?  Is there something you need to confess to someone else?  “Wherewithall shall a young man cleanse his way?  By taking heed thereto according to thy word.”  Psalm 119:9.  What are some ways we let God’s Word cleanse us?

10 thoughts on “James- Day 43

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    There is something that I need to confess to someone it’s not bad but it might be good or bad news to them everytime I try to tell that person something I get so shy and like walk away I prayer for god that he would give me the courge to go up to that person and tell him but everytime I get a chance I get so scared and walk away. Some ways we could let gods word cleanse us by first understanding what god is trying to tell us and then letting that passage or verse into your heart, like this passage is saying that make your heart pure like clean and I don’t get it when it says double minded is it referring to us as double minded?? Is that I good thing or a bad thing???

  2. Andrew Miguel

    This passage says that the people who have other views of things need to purify there minds of other things and focus on one thing witch is Jesus because all things are possible through him and he will never let go of you. Quit trying to worship false Gods and worship the one in heaven.

  3. Tristian Lechien

    There is something i need to tell or confess to another person. just like mafalda its not bad but its very hard for me to walk up and talk to her because of all the things she did to me. and she hurt me really bad and i think tht she cant be forgiven. but god says all people are forgiven of their sins. so thts what im currently working on right at this particular moment! 🙂

    Prayer request:::: 1) offically leaving florida; either tmrw or friday
    2) ezra- salvation
    3) my parents are going through a lot w// the move and just pray tht theyll be ok.

    ANNOUNCEMENT**** ::: IM COMING TO YOUTH GROUP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its going to be the last day i c really anyone. but im happy tht it all worked
    out and i can come!!!!!! <3333333333333333333333333 :)))))))))))))))

    ❤ love u guys and have a fantastic wednesday! ❤ 🙂

  4. Alexis Catapane

    This is so true! I look back on times when it seemed like everything was wrong, and most of the time it was because my heart was in the wrong place and I wasn’t letting God handle it, instead I was handling it on my own. I think a good way to let Gods Word cleanse us would be to not just read the bible, but to actually apply it! So many times people will say “wow, that was a really good sermon or devotion!” but never actually apply what they’ve been taught. do this a lot too! But I realized that I learn soo much more when I do apply it!
    Great devotions today! I’m excited for church tonight, see you guys there! 😀

  5. theres something i need 2 confess 2 someone.like tristian said its hard 4 me 2 go up 2 her cause of what shes done.i need 2 pray that i can call her and confess everything.also that my words are uplifting and glorifying 2 him.

    great devo today!! sooo happy ur coming tonight!! praying that ezra will get saved and a safe trip 2 missouri!! excited 4 2night!! 🙂 love u guys!!! <333333333333333333 🙂 🙂 🙂 u guys rock!!! 🙂

  6. What this passage is saying is that we need to stop worshiping God that aren’t really and start worshiping The real God up in heaven!

    Tristian I will be praying for you and you family and Have a safe trip. I am really sad I can’t come tonight. But you will still have fun with the rest of the youth group! ❤ U! 🙂

  7. ryan via

    Whats on your heart ultimatley determines what comes out, the whole put good in get good out, put bad in get bad out thing. For God to effectivley use us our hearts need to be willing and in the right place.

  8. The bible is so awesome because its God speaking to us. We need God in our lives, therefore we pray & read His word. If theres something i know im not telling God, or telling myself it’ll be okay when idk if it will be is wrong of me. I need to put all(!) my faith & trust in Jesus Christ- He never fails us. So even in the hard or embarressing times, we need to allow God’s word to cleanse us. Im not sure if i need to confess something to someone else, but i know i need to be a better Christian young women to my peers. I want to live for God & it be apparent, not just something i do on the weekends & wednesdays. So thats my confession to God & you guys, cause i know i need to be cleansed of this sin & continue to push thru that wall keeping me from being the girl God’s created me to be 🙂

  9. I don’t need to confess anything right now, but I’ve definetly had to before. I know there was a time in my life where I thought that God see’s everything I do so I don’t really need to confess anything to Him, just ask for forgiveness. That’s so wrong because confessing things to God shows that you’re not just asking for forgiveness because you feel guilty, but because you truly realize what you did was wrong. Sometimes we feel as though we don’t need to confess things we do or have done to others, but we need to because it’s the right thing to do. We need to get it off our chests and out of our lives so we can move one to bigger and better things! We need to be cleansed and purify our hearts. We can let God’s word cleanse us by not just reading it as a to-do list, but actually study it and apply it to our lives. We can meditate on what we read and really let God change our hearts and lives through His word!

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