What a way to end!

He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. (Revelation 22:20, 21)

This is the last two verses in Revelation, which is the last book of the Bible.

These verses tell us a couple of really cool things.

1. One day Christ is coming back.“Surely I come quickly. Amen.”One of the last things we’re told is that Jesus Christ is coming back. And He said He’s coming quickly.

2. The grace of Christ is for everyone. “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.”. Isn’t that a really great way to end the Bible? You know that the grace of Christ is offered to all. It’s up to us to share that message!

Are these two truths a big part of your life? Should they be?

16 thoughts on “What a way to end!

  1. These two verses are really great and meaningful to me! Verse says that Christ is coming and He says He’s coming quickly! This to me shows that we need to be prepared for His coming at all times! Well what does that mean? It means that we need to be living our lives as if Christ is going to come back tomorrow. We don’t want to be living with the attitude of “Oh I got time, I’ll start acting like a real Christian in college!” You may or may not have time to do that, that’s why it’s so important for us to start living like Christ now! We need to be making an impact everyday not just when we feel like it, but the coolest thing is that we know that the grace of Christ is with us! It’s written right there in verse 21! We just sang a song in youth group two weeks ago called “Your grace is enough.” “Your grace is enough, Your grace is enough, Your grave is enough for me!” His grace is enough and it’s been given to us! 🙂 these verses are amazing and a great reminder that we don’t know when Christ is coming back but He said it was quickly, so we need to live our lives like each day is the last! & that should be living it out with a bang! 🙂

  2. Tristian Lechien

    Hey guys I just woke up it’s 30 degrees here and 6:46am. I’m still in Alabama and will be getting to Missouri today. I hope church goes well! 🙂 and for me I hope I find an amazing church just like sbc! :). And ben did u ask ur dad about what he thinks are good churches? But jut let me know and still fill me in on everything tht goes on! 🙂 I’m still there for u guys! ❤ love u guys!!!! <333333333333 😀 and I'll fill u guys in later! 🙂

  3. Mafalda Delienne

    Yesterday I went to this girls night in at my…well I was invited and she is a pastors daughter and she is a jounor in college and she talked about talked to us girls about that god is coming for us and taking us to much a better place then this that this place doesn’t compare to what’s up there waiting for you and I totally agreed with her that Christ is coming back for us and this is a really big truth in my life and I can’t wait to go up there and see what’s in store for me and this should be a big truth in my life and I’m glad it is. I do believ that the grace of god is in everyone I believe that
    if you open your heart to him that he will come to
    you and go in to your heart and make life way not
    hard for you well not that easy. When I found god and I gave my life to him and found that he’s gift was in me then I was alot happier then I was before I always have a smile on my face and im alot nicer to the people around me and way more stuff that I wasn’t before and I am now, everyone deserves gods gift in your heart and let me tell ya it’s AWEOMES!!! 🙂

  4. grace

    This is so great to think about! I’m so psyched for His return. This world is filled with so much hurt and people aren’t always reliable even when they have good intentions. But when we are with God…we won’t have any of that! We’ll just be with Him, everything perfect..and I can’t wait til my time here is up because God will never let you down. Yesterday someone prayed over me and it was the most amazing experience. She told me everything I needed to hear. I just KNEW it was from God, because she doesn’t know me well….but everything she told me was so personal and it ht home. Only God could’ve made her say those things. I felt so filled with the Holy Spirit it was unbelievable.
    Sorry i haven’t been on guys. My family is having some trouble. Please pray for my family, they need it so much right now. My mom needs healing she’s hurting. My dad to make right choices…My brother wise choices. Thanks guys.

  5. it is so great 2 think about!! just knowing that when my time is done i will spend eternity in heaven w/ God! i agree w/ mel.we need 2 live our lives as if he’s coming tmrw.besides sleeping we need 2 be spreading his word around.u never know he may come today!! we ned 2 b ready 4 his coming!! this always makes me think of that song “Glourious Day”.what a glourious day it will b!! Jesus will return,no more bad things wll happen!! 🙂 miss and love u guys soso much!! 🙂 <333 u guys rock!!

  6. Blake via

    This is such a way to end the Bible it’s so awesome that one day we will get to see Jesus but telling people about is really a big part in my life i’m going to try a little harder thou.

  7. Alexis Catapane

    I think these verses should really be meaningful to us all! I don’t think about heaven and Jesus coming back as much as I should! I can get so caught up in things here on earth, that it slips my mind. But it really is soo cool to think about! Jesus is coming to earth to personally take us to heaven with Him. How cool is that?! In Revelation, John (I think he wrote this book!?) says that Jesus is coming quickly, kinda giving us a heads up to be prepared! But until the time Jesus comes, we have His grace with us! Thinking about this stuff usually gets me excited. Heaven is literally like paradise and I cannot wait to spend eternity there with God! 😀

  8. This verse is a really good thing to tell people about! I mean what better way to tell friend and family about God than telling that he is going to come back to life and live was all agin! But sometimes people don’t really think he is going to that cause no one can prove it, but it is true it was in the bible!

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