James- Day 49

Thursday, November 3, 2011

But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.”  James 4:16

God knows that when we don’t ask these questions to Him as we plan that our tendency will be toward pride, arrogance, and eventually sinful actions.  He knows that as we act on our plans that He was not a part of, He will be left out.

What is ironic about that scenario is that He is the one who knows and is in control of the future.  All of our boasting and plans really are in vain when we leave Him out.

Application:  Here is a great prayer for today:  “God, I know it would be silly for me to live without a plan, but it would be even more tragic if I lived with a plan that you weren’t a part of.  God I wan tto do only what you would have me to do today.  Please help me to do what You want.  I’m inviting you into my plans today.  Amen.”

10 thoughts on “James- Day 49

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    When we don’t enclued god in our dreams or plans its because we think we got it all right and that if we ask him he’s just gonna be like “oh yea you got it right” but no there’s gonna be some flaws to your plan and you need him to help you and show you the way. God should always be included to your plans because he is your father and your saver and you should always get his approval before you make a plan and other stuff.

  2. Blake via

    If we don’t let God in all of are plans and life we won’t get his blessing for what ever we where trying to do if where like trying to do something like trying to make a team any team and we think that we can do it by are selfes we don’t need God for something like that but God wantes to be in every part of our lives.

  3. Alexis Catapane

    It’s kinda weird that God made everything, including us, but sometimes we don’t think to include Him in our plans. But I guess that just goes with our sin nature. Honestly, I think that we shouldn’t just include God in our plans for the future, but we should be going to Him first and asking what He wants us to do with our future. Cause usually Gods plans are totally different from ours! But God knows everything, so wouldn’t His plans be way better than ours?! I think so! But still, we do stuff without praying, or even including God in our plans for the future. I don’t get why that happens, but like Ben said: it’s because of our pride and arrogance.
    Even so, we should be working on this (Including God in our plans & praying about He wants for us) all the time. Practice makes perfect! But it’s not like we’ll instantly be able to do this, it takes baby steps everyday, just like we learned at camp!
    From the things we’ve been reading about, James seems like a pretty cool dude! & I really love this book! I’ve been learning soo much, and judging by the comments, so has everyone else. It’s so cool to be able to grow together 🙂

  4. grace

    We forget that there’s somebody else in charge of everything sometimes. Well, at least I do. I make plans and then halfway through I realize “Oh. Maybe I should include God in this” or I’ll set off to do something thinking “I can do this all by myself” but then things start to fall apart and I just end up asking God for guidance. Lately, I’ve been doing that a lot. I need to realize that I DONT have it under control.. I mean, I do realize this because God has been causing me to realize it every time I do it, but…..I guess what I’m trying to say is I dont want to be convicted of doing the wrong thing, I just want to simply include God in my plans. I need to have a “I can do nothing without Him and EVERYthing with Him” kind of mindset. I need to consult God BEFORE I jump in and try to do it myself. I shouldn’t try to do it myself! “Do all things through Christ which strengthens me ” Phillipians 4:13
    Now to apply it to the verse pastor Ben said: You shouldn’t rejoice about your accomplishments and tell everyone “look what *I* did” when you were not the one who did it. God did it.

  5. What this is saying is that if we don’t let god into our lives we will never get his blessing and if we dont get his blessing our life wont be the same! Pluse we need to have faith in what we do.

  6. if we don’t let God into our lives,things would b a disaster.his plans r better than ours so if he isn’t included the plans probably won’t great.let God into ur lives and include him in ur plans.its that simple.i mean,he is the God of the universe,u shouldn’t leave him out of something that important.the overall point is if u don’t include God in ur plans,things will prbably b a disaster! loveu and missu guys sososososo much!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 <3333 see u guys soon!!!! 🙂

  7. It’s so crazy thinking about the difference when you leave God out of your life and decisions and then when you turn to Him for it all. I know I’ve been at the place where I only came to God when I was in a rut, then i’d ask Him why all this was happening to me. Why me? I’d cry.. Well silly me, I was doing life on my own and only coming to God when I realized I was in trouble. It was so wrong and I really paid for it. I had to get off the dream cloud I was floating on and realize I need God’s help. I was being a proud arrogant person thinking I was living the high life doing what was right, until God’s humble grace proved me wrong! Including God in every plan we make for our life is so important, and starting a good habit of including Him now will stick with you. Don’t wait until tomorrow, start today! I know I’ve realized through this I don’t always include Him, and I always NEED to! Great prayer, I’m asking for God’s help on this today!

  8. Ryan Via

    It is kinda strange that the one who created everything and is in control He is the one that we sometimes leave out of our plans. This is something that can be such a huge help when we include God and do what Gods will has for our lives and not live by what we want. It is so cool to do this devotion and see all of your comments because it has helped me so much, this is really helping me right now!

  9. I think its so cool how God knows how each of our lives are going to play out. Like it says in the devo, God already knows everything we’re going to go thru, so leaving Him out of our plans for our lives is just silly!! Its selfish… Theres one specific “me plan” thats been on my heart the past few days & today was a rude wake up call to how much this plan didn’t involve God.. And because of selfish reasons i let myself get hurt. I know that in everything i do, God needs to be in the center of it. With every relationship & decision i make, i know i need to pray about it first instead of listening to what i want to do. It is SOOO hard to live by sometimes, but in order for us to have plans for our lives, we need to include God in everything now!! Being selfish is easy, but its not godly. I know i need to remember the purpose for living this life isn’t for me, but for God, and i need to be open to the wonderful plans He has in store for me 🙂
    Love you guys so much, and thanks for always being trustworthy & awesome, and never hurting me. God gave me you guys to help me get thru the hard times & i really appreciate it 

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