James- Day 58

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  James 5:16

I don’t want to rip this verse out of the context of the scenario that we discussed yesterday- the confession of and prayer for the sick who is being disciplined by God.  Today’s verse does have an application for us today.

James tells us to confess our faults or sins to one another.  If we were open and honest about our sin rather than hiding our sin our sin wouldn’t grow.  Sin that is covered up gets bigger and bigger and takes more and more to cover up.  What’s interesting about this scenario is that the person is sick because of the chastening of God.  If this man would have practiced the discipline of confession, he may not have gotten to the place where God had to discipline him with this sickness.

James also says to pray one for another.  In fact, he says that the energetic, passionate prayers of godly men have the power to accomplish much.  I know it seems like a “no-brainer” that we should pray for each other, but how much do we really do that?  Do you pray for other people on a daily basis?  Are your prayers just about you or are they about others?

Application:  2 Words of application:  1. Confess- to God and others. 2. Pray- for others.Which of these do you need to do today?

10 thoughts on “James- Day 58

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    Today I need to pray for others because even of I don’t like other people I still like praying for them because I care about them. I don’t know what’s found on in there lives but I’m fonna pray for them because I care about them even if they don’t care about me! 🙂

  2. Blake via

    What I got out of this is that it’s good to let other people no about your sin they can help you they can call you and say her just making sure you din’t to what ever it is and the other thing is we need to pray for one another I really have not been praying for others in my prayer life but i’m going to start.

  3. Alexis

    This is so true!!! Actually, this happened to me a couple months ago. I was sinning against God, and I wouldn’t tell anybody about it because it was too “embarrassing”. I’ll be honest, that sin was ruining my relationships. I fought with my family and friends all the time and I was miserable. I prayed about it a lot, but now I realize I never really asked God to forgive me for what I was doing. After a while I told someone about it, and seriously that’s when everything changed. I realized that the reason things were so bad was because I was keeping everything to myself and I wouldn’t tell anyone anything or let anyone help me, which is really what I needed! But I realized I have all these Godly people surrounding me, who are willing to help me in whatever I’m struggling with! And I’m so thankful for that 🙂 Sorry that was really personal, I felt the need to be honest about this. I hope no one makes the mistake I did!
    I also think praying for one another is really cool! It always makes me feel good when someone says they’re praying for me, and I try to pray for others a lot too! See you guys soon! I’m so excited for youth group tonight, it’s going to be soo much fun! 😀

  4. This reminds me of one of the veggie tales episodes with Larry boy. Jr. Asparagus breaks a vase and lies because the fib said it was ok. Jr. kept lying and lying and the fib kept growing and growing and eventually took over the town! Larry boy had to defeat the fib. This is exactly what happens when we sin and cover it up. Our sins will eventually become like the fib and take us over. It’s a problem, and something that we shouldn’t let happen. Fortunately I don’t have anything to confess, but I do need to up my prayer life. I want to start praying for others on a daily basis, the world, my future husband, my future kids, my sibilings futures, etc. This has actually been on my heart lately and I think this was a push from God to start it! Thanks for that reminder today God 🙂

    Super excited to see you all tonight, see ya soon 🙂

  5. these r very great points.i don’t always play for everyone all the time.whenever i pray about everyone im always like”u know the needs and pleas lord and put ur hand on them”i do mean it though.i don’t think theres anything i need to confess to anyone.but i’ve needed 2 before.like in 3rd and 4th grade.i feel soo bad but i haven’t confessed why i did it to her.i kinda can’t now cause she’s in Penneslyvania.but i confessed it to God and asked for forgiveness.im happy i did the right thing and confessed 🙂 seeu guys soon! 🙂 can’t wait!! 🙂 <33333

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