A Season for Giving- Week 4

A Devotional Series by Melanie Mentzer

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. Luke 2:7

It’s Christmas eve, can you believe it? I don’t know about you guys, but this month sure flew. First we were at the Feliz navidad party and it felt like Christmas was ages away, and now we’re at the point that we can say Christmas is tomorrow! Crazy stuff for sure.
I’m speaking for myself, and hope all of you can agree, that I have really been reminded of a lot this Christmas season. Past Christmases I’ve been so worried about what I was getting for Christmas and what I was getting others that the whole point of why we celebrate Christmas always went out the window. You’re probably getting tired of the “Christmas story” by now, but this verse has a whole lot to do with giving.. Wait for it.
Mary had just gave birth to little baby Jesus. The first week of this series I talked about the ultimate gift, God sacrificing His son for our sins. This is the start of it all. Jesus was just born, He was just given to the world. Now Jesus is to live among the world and in the world. The birth of Christ is a gift. With Christmas being tomorrow, it’s so easy to look under that tree and see everything under and forget about Jesus. I’m sitting by my Christmas tree as I’m writing this, and I’m just looking at those presents under there. No matter what is wrapped Fup in that shiny silver paper, with the big red bow, nothing compares to the gift of the birth of Christ!

I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong I’m super excited to tear open those gifts tomorrow, but I’m so thankful for the gift that has already been given. Jesus.

What does the birth of Christ mean to you and how can you apply it to giving?

10 thoughts on “A Season for Giving- Week 4

  1. Ummmmmm… it DEFINETLY means so much to me!!! i mean its the birth of Christ.he came to the earth to save us,died on the cross,then rose again 3 days later!! amazing!! 🙂 although i do get over excited with opening gifts i sometimes don’t stop and think about the REAL meaning of christmas…..JESUS now its ok to be excited about presents and that stuff but thats not the whole meaning of christmas its just part.our main focus this christmas should be Jesus. like melanie said in the devo we should be thankful for the gift that was already given……. JESUS hope you all have a very merry christmas and i can’t believe its christmas eve already!! 🙂 hope you all have a great time with your families or whoever your spending time with and remember,Jesus is the reason for the season 😀

  2. Mafalda

    The gift of Christ Is that he died on the cross to pay for our sins and that he rose again. The gift of Christ means to me is that I learned all the wonderful and amazing things he did and the best gift he could ever give me is that he was born and that he has given me everything I could ever ask for and knowing that one day he will come back for me and take me to a place much better then this ad we will have eternal life with him. To apply it to giving you can give someone the word of god and tell them all the amazing stuff he did for us and that he’s coming back one day and when he comes back the world will be peaceful. You could give someone the word of the lord.

  3. Alexis

    I totally agree with you Melanie! Since I grew up in a Christian home, I have always known that Christmas is for celebrating Jesus and His birth. But can you imagine Christmas without Christ? Well for starters, the holiday would only be “mas” without Christ, but we wouldn’t give gifts either. Because giving gifts on Christmas is representing the gift God gave us! Some people (& I’ve tried this too) try to get around the fact that this day is about Jesus, but really everything about Christmas comes back to Him! I hope everyone has great Christmas 🙂 & great job (again:)) Melanie!

  4. Tristian Lechien

    The meaning of Christmas is deff for Christ. And his birthday. It’s so important cuz the baby tht was born by Mary, a virgin. And an angel apperared to mary and said ur pregnant with the most special boy. The one who lived a perfect life and never sinned against god. When I was a little kid Christmas use to be about presents… But now it’s about a very small portion of presents but ALL about Jesus and how god sent his only son to die on the cross for ur sin and mine. (John 3:16) I love Christmas and this year I made it special… I handmade Jesus a birthday day card I know tht he can’t have it but he sure and c it and always can. I hope he loves it! On istagram, I posted a pic of it! 🙂 still I love Christmas and have the best Christmas Eva!!!!!!! Love I guys! And I love u jesus!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! <333 ya :))))))))))))))))

  5. Melanie

    I’m excited that you guys are excited about Jesus’ birthday tomorrow! I am too! 🙂 Great comments girls! Where are the guys at? lol

  6. I love Christmas, I always have! The music, being with family, the happiness and joy people have during this time of year, the presents, etc. But Christmas is so much bigger than just the material things! We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ tomorrow! He is the greatest gift I’ll ever recieve. But you know what? I tend to forget that… I’m a selfish human and my lifes all about me sometimes. It’s so wrong of me 😦 this Christmas, I wanna focus on Jesus, and just being thankful for every gift God’s blessed me with! With everything I get tomorrow, I wanna remember the reason we even have Christmas. I’m so excited to wake up tomorrow & open the presents, and spend time with my amazing family. I hope you all have the best Christmas too 🙂 just remember to take time out of tomorrow to just talk to God & thank Him for all the things He’s given to us. I won’t be at church tomorrow morning, so I hope you all have a merry Christmas! love you all ❤

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