Accountable to God: Day 14

January 26, 2012

Today’s Text:  Read Genesis 1:26-28

In Genesis 1, we see God create the earth and everything in it.  He creates man in his own image making Him unique in creation.  Listen to the very first thing that God tells man:

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

The very first thing God tells man is something like, “I made this good creation.  I own this good creation.  Now you are managing this creation for me.  You are my stewards in this place.”  As part of mankind, we must recognize that our first loyalty and obligation should be to God, and that the things that we have really belong to Him.


What do you think is the significance of the fact that God told mankind that we are stewards in His first statement to us?

4 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 14

  1. Tristian Lechien

    Ok… Significance means.. Tht something is worthy of attention. So the significance of the fact tht God told mankind tht we r his stewards in his first statement unto us is tht I think tht God is saying tht we r important to him and tht we should worship him and become his stewards in Christ. To follow in the foot steps of him.. I think . . . . . Let me know I I did bad.. 😦 For some reason I didn’t get think one but I tried.. 🙂 so love u guys and c u guys Sunday!!! 🙂 ❤

  2. Laura

    Because this was the first thing God told mankind, then it was of the utmost importance to God. He created everything, and then immediately put man in charge of caring for it. That is an amazing responsibility!!! I think it makes sense that God had to tell man to take care of what He had just created. We should take this very seriously. I look around everyday and see examples of people having good stewardship of God’s creation, and people who don’t. One small example is littering. I can’t stand that. Talk about a terrible example of taking care of God’s creation. That drives me nuts. Now I realize our stewardship responsibility goes a lot deeper than litter, but that is such a good example of man’s outward defiance to what God has given us. We would have NONE! of our life’s conveniences if it weren’t for everything God created. We would be nothing and have nothing. He supplied our every need. Then He designed man who has done some incredible amazing things since. God gave us the tools and the ability to make everything we have now. I said it before, but if we treated our things like we had just borrowed them from a friend we would maybe be better stewards. Certainly, if we can treat our friends possessions with respect, we should do above and beyond that for our Creator.

  3. Stewardship is such an important thing, especially since it was the first thing God said to mankind. God had the opportunity to say anything He wanted, and stewardship was the first thing He said, which shows the significance of it. I haven’t always been a good steward, in fact, I’ve been an awful one. This is an area in my life that I really need work on, and I’m so glad that I get a chance to learn how to be a better one.

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