Devotion for April 12, 2012

Read Acts 21:27-40

This is incredible. Paul was warned that if he went to Jerusalem he would be bound, and persecuted. Paul doesn’t seem to be there very long and this is exactly what happened. He was falsly accused, beaten by a crowd of people, and then found, and bound by the Roman guards that were there. While he was being lead by the Roman Guard he asks him if he can address the people who had been beating him and hurting him. He then goes on to address these people in the next few verses.

How can I apply this to my life?

What I find so incredibly amazing is this- I am often not very bold in my witness. I get scared to say something when that something needs to be said. I worry that I may be seen as too pushy or whatever. Paul was so motivated by the gospel that he was willing over and over again to be beaten, maligned, imprisoned and much worse. Eventually Paul did give his life for the gospel.When I read about Paul, I don’t sense a spirit of fear in his life. I believe that there was a confidence in the Gospel that lead him to do what he did!

The Gospel is the HOPE FOR THE WORLD! I need to be bold and stand out in bringing that hope every chance I get, NO MATTER WHAT!

5 thoughts on “STAND OUT!

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    Ish that I could be like that, like Paul he was so so do motivated by the gospel that he was willing to get beating and much worse things happen to him but maybe one day I will hehe. Like the thing said up there hehe the gospel is the hope for the world and we need to be like Paul bold and have an interesting way of bringing that hope to everyone let them know that they have a chance STAND OUT!

  2. Laura

    I need to be more like Paul for sure. Not even close. It isn’t easy to approach people. It is true, we are afraid of how they will respond to us. I need to be bolder and not worry about what some one might think because their eternal life is more important than how uncomfortable I might feel at the time.

  3. Blake via

    Paul what a guy that’s what I think we all need to have no matter what happenes we still share the Bible that’s amazing!

  4. I’m one of those people who hate confrontation. I don’t like getting into situations where people look at me differently for something I said or did, and I don’t like to offend people. Serving in ministry now and then going into it later, this is something that I really have to work on. In ministry, you aren’t always going to please everyone and you may run into some people with really strong opinions who could care less what you have to say, but the important thing is, is that the Gospel, no matter what anyone thinks about it, needs to be spread around. Paul is a hero and I strongly admire him. To take that pain and to eventually give his life for God, is truly inspiring. I would love to say without a doubt in my mind that that would be me, but if I was being conpletley honest, I think I would look like quite the coward. Standing out is hard for me to do sometimes, but standing out for the gospel, so other people can know how much God loves them and what Jesus did for them, I don’t know about you, but that’s worth standing out for. This is something I personally need to work on, so please pray for me that I can stand out on faith for God!

  5. This reminds me of what we learned at camp last year. Most of the time we say “I’ll follow God until He makes me do something I don’t want to do, then I draw the line.” But that’s not what we’re supposed to do, we’re supposed to follow God 100%, no matter what! That’s what Paul did, he didn’t care what the other people did or how they treated him, because he was willing to do whatever God wants. I think a big thing teens struggle with nowadays is worrying about what other people think, I know that gets in the way for me a lot! But part of following God is getting past our insecurities and not worrying about what others think, but just being concerned with what God wants!

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