How far does your love go?

Devotion for Friday, April 13, 2012

Read Acts 22:1-16

Paul stands up before the crowd of people who included both the Roman guard as well as the jewish believers who had just been beating them. He then goes on to share his personal testimony how that God had saved him from his sins, and called him into a life of evangelism.

Isn’t it interesting the amount of compassion that Paul had for the people who really weren’t for him. If someone was beating me, or had taken over my nation and were governing over my people I wouldn’t really be to favorable to either one of those parties. Yet Paul loved God and had a such a heart for God and for those people that he was willing to risk more hatred and hurt to share the Gospel with them.

Do I love God and others that much?
Do I believe the gospel that much?

Lord, please grow my faith and increase my boldness.

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