Physical & Emotional Distance- Song of Solomon- Week 13- Day 1

I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself, and was gone: my soul failed when he spake: I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him, but he gave me no answer.

Song of Solomon 5:6

The key factor in interpretation is authorial intent. What did this mean to the author and to the original audience? One of the factors that governs and impacts this question is the genre of the scripture we are are reading. Poetic literature like the Song of Solomon is different than didactic literature like the epistle to the Romans. A poem uses metaphor, simile, and figurative language to convey ideas and emotions.

This being the case means that taking a conclusive definitive stand on what every word means to the author and his audience in this passage is difficult. Yet there are some principles and applications that we can draw from these verses.

This passage mirrors the dream passage of 3:1-5 that we studied last week. She opens the door to her bedroom thinking that her husband is there, but he is gone. She had heard him speak, but when she opened the door he was gone.

Similarly to the last dream, she sought passionately for her husband, but she could not find him. It is clear that she missed her husband. It is also clear that she reveres her husband. She uses dramatic language to describe the effects of his words and his absence on her.

The husband and wife relationship should be one that is close and intimate. One of the dangers that happens in marriage is when there is an emotional distance. Husbands can pour themselves into their work or their hobbies and can become distant from their spouses. Wives can focus on the children and lose the passion for their marriage. Either spouse can lose passion for their mate when they allow for romantic intimacy in some other relationship. All kinds of things can rob us of intimacy. Entertainment, Social Media, Smart Phones, TV’s, Hobbies, and the like all vie for our time and attention.
Husbands must not let these pursuits stop them from continuing to pursue their wives romantically. Wives must continue to revere and respect their husbands and long to be with them.

• Are you available to your spouse?
• Are you pursuing your spouse?
• If you are single, are you maintaining your relationships well, or focused on your own personal satisfaction to the exclusion of others?

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