James- Day 3

Devotion for Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.  For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.  For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.-James 1:6-8

The context of this verse is talking about the person who is asking for wisdom.  He says to ask in faith, nothing wavering.  The idea here is that you are asking in complete confidence, knowing that what you are asking God can answer, and believing that He will answer.  When you are asking for wisdom, James has already said that you’ll get it.  You can have confidence in that kind of a prayer.
James also makes this statement- “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  When you ask like– “I don’t really know if I want it”, or “I’m not sure if God will give it, but I know I need it….Ok God, I guess I would like some wisdom…”  This is not the way to ask.  This is not faith- this is doubt!  You can have confidence in God.
James is not saying that it is wrong to have questions for God, or even to have doubts.  A single-minded person takes those real questions to the One who can answer them- God.  Are you going through something difficult?  Today, ask God for wisdom confidently.  He will answer your request!

15 thoughts on “James- Day 3

  1. Tristian

    Yesterday I asked God for wisdom. I got the guts to finally just go right out and ask him! 😉 I think it went well. I asked him to get me through one of the difficult things I am going through right now. He is helping me w/ every new step I take and I think tht it is amazing!!! 😀 I believe God answered my request when I asked yesterday. I just prayed and asked him for wisdom CONFIDENTLY!! He is currently getting me though some tough things right now! 🙂 thts what I got out of it today. 😀

  2. Sandi Volskay

    This passage about asking God with confidence made me think about how trusting in Him is so vital in our Chrstian walk. If someone came up to me and asked me a question, then said I doubt if you will tell me the truth. I would be insulted that they didn’t trust me. God said ask for wisdom in confidence and He will give it to me. He wants me to totally believe Him.
    I do have to work through doubts and fears each day. But, it is usually doubts in myself. I need to remember that it’s not about what I can do. It’s about knowing what God can do in me if I trust Him.

  3. Megan

    Asking for wisdom from God with confidence is very important. I really like the bit about “waves tossing back and forth” as well as a “doubleminded man is unstable in ALL his ways”. Both of these have a context of moving with lack of control (unstable, tossing about). When we ask God for wisdom is also gives us the confidence to be stable in our lives. He gives us the unshaking wisdom that we are asking which allows us to walk through this life with stability. It’s not a magic key that you ask for wisdom once and it’s always there but when you aak for wisdom then you will be walking more confidently in what God says and promises.

    This is a great comfort to me that no only to I need to ask with confidence that God will give me wisdom but also that the wisdom He gives will help my walk be more stable. I can go through life with conficence that God will guide as I ask it of Him.

  4. Blake via

    What I got out of this is that if we ask God for something and we have confidence that he will give it too us it will happen so pray for wisdom.

  5. When i think about praying for wisdom, i think about the trust we should have in God!! Everytime i pray, i know that God will answer them in His way. I prayed last night and this morning asking God for wisdom, and to help me through my day. it’s so important to have confidence that God will give me wisdom because i know that He will make things good in His own way! This week at school has been fantastic and i know that God is with me 24/7 through the day! I love knowing i’m not alone 🙂 at this exact moment, im not going through anything i need to be upset about. I feel very blessed and im very happy! God is so good, and im praying for you all who are going through hard times. I’ve been there so many times! Continue to pray to God for wisdom, and He’ll get you through it 🙂

  6. Laura

    We really do need to believe God can give us wisdom and answer our prayers. Sometimes we may not feel like He is, but it may just be that its not the way we wanted or expected. We need to “listen” to God. He will answer in His time. I do think praying for wisdom and meaning it does produce pretty quick results. It is so cool

  7. Alexis Catapane

    I totally agree with what James is saying in this passage! Why ask God for wisdom if you don’t think He can give it to you?! I know having faith in something we can’t see is hard for us teens, cause everything around us is visible. But just because we can’t see or hear God, doesn’t mean He’s not there! He’s with us all the time, and listens to every single one of our prayers! How awesome is that?! 🙂
    I’m sad I had to miss another Wednesday night… But I hope everything goes well, and you guys have a great time! 🙂

  8. Ryan via

    Ask and you will receive. It’s pretty simple, have confidence and believe that God can help you. Nothing is impossible for God.

  9. This passage is pretty amazing! If there is anyone we can have complete confidence in, it’s God! James told us that if we pray for wisdom, God will give it to us. If I pray for wisdom for me to say the right words and to have a Christ attitude towards someone I might not get along with too well, God will give me the wisdom and the attitude to get through it! I know that God can get me through every little thing and every thing! Big or small! God is so good and He really directs your path when you put your faith and trust in Him! I’ve seen such a difference in my life because I’ve put my faith in Him! Like Ryan said, ask and ye shall receive! 🙂

    Youth group was great tonight! I hope to see more of our teens on here! How about those of us that are already on here, continue to encourage others! It’s never too late to get started!
    Love you all!

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