James Day 35

Friday, October 14, 2011

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace. James 3:18

Today’s message is very simple:

While the result of self-seeking, and bitter envy is strife, confusion and division, the result of God’s wisdom is righteousness.

When we live with God as the priority and putting others before ourselves it leads to a culture where spiritual growth and righteousness can grow in abundance.


Today walk through the description of God’s wisdom in verse 17 and think about each word.  Where do you need to be more pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield….etc.?

16 thoughts on “James Day 35

  1. Andrew Miguel

    What i learned from this message is that when we live for God he is the first priority. What the verse me is that if you live for and through God who is show through peace then you will also have peace. The place i need to be more pure is to be willing to yield i know sometimes im on the line and i just need to learn to calm down and get over.

  2. Mafalda Delienne

    Well you need to peaceful to others and watch what you say so be gentle to others, but what this passage told me is that the plant of rightness is planted for people who want peace or make peace.

  3. Tristian Lechien

    I totally agree! 🙂 ^ u have to be peaceful with others cuz then u can maybe have a friendship there or having just peace with the person. U actually when u think about it, u have to wath what u say so u can be gentle on other people. And the passage was saying tht u will have rightness if u r one of the ones who want to make peace or even have peace! 🙂 great message! Can’t wait for mike greenwells tonite!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 love u guys and c u later! :p

  4. Mackenzie

    Well what I got out of today messaage was…we need to put God and others as our first priority we can have peace righteousness!!! I think I need to learn to yield a little when it comes to people who talk bad about my friends, family, etc… 🙂 also can’t wait for Mike Greenwells tonite!!! See you guys there!!!!<3 

  5. Megan

    I know I need to yield to God in the area of organization. Sounds funny but I can do more for him if I am organized in my time and priorities. I need God’s wisdom when it comes to changing my life from just being busy to making a difference with the things I do. I want to have an impact on my family and my home as well as those who I encounter in public and at church.

    Can’t wait to meet your friends youve invited tonight at putt putt!!!

  6. Alexis Catapane

    Sometimes something so simple can have the most meaning. Today’s devo is just one verse, but there’s so much packed into this little piece of scripture! At the beginning of the week we talked about what it looks like to rely on man’s wisdom. But now, at the end of the week, we’re reading about God’s wisdom. God’s wisdom is first pure (or perfect), then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield (or submitting yourself to God), full of mercy and good fruits, and lastly without hypocrisy. That’s a pretty awesome list, if you ask me! Taking time to think about what each of these words mean specifically in my life is really cool. I found a verse that kinda goes along with this, it’s Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” I also looked up righteousness, because it’s talked about in this verse, and the first thing that came up is obedience to Gods law. So the fruit of obeying God’s law is sown in peace to them that make peace. And in Matthew it said that if we hunger and thirst for righteousness (obeying God’s law) we will be filled. I didn’t really understand what we were talking about in the beginning, but now it’s like a light bulb went off and I understand it a lot better! I know exactly the areas I need to work on, and I’m going to start right away! 😀

    I’m so excited for tonight! See you guys soon!

  7. I know in my life i need to work on being more pure, peacable, gentle, merciful, and not so hypocritical and partial. God’s wisdom is exactly what v.17 says- pure!! It’s absolutley perfect, and i know in every area of my life i need to work on having God’s wisdom instead of man’s wisdom. At home, i fight with my family (not being so peaceable, gentle or merciful), & at school i get mad easily and let people get to me (not being very peaceful, but being hypocritical and partial). I know the only way i can try and have God’s wisdom is by asking for it with the right intentions & by living more Christ-like. I pray to God everyday for His wisdom, and you know what? My heart has literally been changed. I’m gonna be honest- last school year i used foul language, was always mad at someone, and just didnt have my heart in the right place. But the second i sin now, my heart aches and i realize what I did the second i sinned! It’s like Woah hey there God! You really are watching me and helping me out by being aware of everything i do. Righteousness is the result of God’s wisdom, and i’m feeling like i am following God’s laws more and more each day because of the wisdom He’s giving me! isn’t that totally amazing?! i think it is! 😀

    1. grace

      It’s good to know you’re overcoming your struggles because it’s such a great example and it gives me hope and encouragement! 🙂

  8. I definetly need to take God’s wisdom and pair it with patience in my life. Normally I don’t get too annoyed with things, but there are times where I just need patience and God’s wisdom to get me through situations. I want to live my life being a good testimony to others around me, those I know and those I don’t know. I want to love everyone like Christ loved everyone. I want to be peaceable in my actions and words. I want to live a life pursuing Christ. I heard something yesterday that made me really sad. It really got me thinking. Life isn’t always going to be easy, and go smoothly as planned, but we can make it easier by living our lives like legit Christians, not these “Christians” we tend to call ourselves. Sometimes we’re going to need to make sacrifices for Christ, and if we love Him like we say we do, and we should, then these sacrifices should be an ultimate desire to serve Him. Changing the way we look, and talk about others, and taking our own wisdom rather then God’s, is a sacrifice we need to make in order to start being a real Christ follower. Are we willing to make sacrifices for Christ?

  9. grace

    If we are using God’s wisdom and obeying Him, then the result will be peace. If everyone just did this it would be amazing 🙂 There would be no hard feelings or arguments. We would all put EACHOTHER first! Maybe that’s why there is going to be no sin in Heaven. All of our focus will be on God and nothing else. So there will be no room for us to do anything else. Just a thought. lol. But seriously! If we want to call ourselves Christians then we need to act like Christians! It actually makes me angry sometimes because hypocrisy becomes a personal problem for me. I’m not saying that I’m perfect and i always do what I’m supossed to…….but for example people who on facebook under “what religion are you?” title themselves as “Christian”…that gets on my nerves so badly when they do something like that and you know them personally and they are far from what you would consider christian. Not saying any names, but there is this girl I know who cusses, does drugs, smokes, ect… and then she labels herself as christian. <—Thats what I'm talking about! If you're gonna do that don't label yourself as christian and be a hypocrite.The reason why it bothers me is because then people who put "christian" on facebook, when they're not, they are setting a bad example for people who dont know any better. Then people who dont believe in God just say "Whatever…Don't see a difference between them and me" The reason why this is so personal to me is because that's what my Dad believes. It makes me so mad that people who do those things lead my dad astray. Me included at times…

  10. Ryan Via

    Man what i got out of this is doing it Gods way you end up with His preferred future. On your own you end up living a life thats average. Its crazy God knows best! and doing what He wants for your life is a lot more beneficial.

  11. i really need 2 work on how i say things 2 people.i may say something and then someone may think i was being mean or something.im praying that God will help me get better at it! 🙂 had fun tonight!!! Love u all so much!!! <333 🙂

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