James- Day 38

Wednesday, October 19

Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.  James 4:3

Of course the context for today’s verse is this- James is speaking to those who are at war/fighting with others.  He has said that the reason we have these arguments is because of our own sinful desires.  In verse 2 he stated that we haven’t even asked God to fulfill our desires in the first place and that is what has lead to all kinds of fights.

Today’s verse explains the objection that some might have had to yesterdays verse.  We might say, “Wait God- I have asked you for what I wanted and you didn’t give it to me?”  Today’s verse explains that when we ask and don’t receive often times it is because we are asking according to our desires only and not in keeping with God’s desires.

Remember how Jesus Christ prayed in the garden before He died.  “Father, if it be possible, please let this cup pass from me, nevertheless not my will but Thine be done.”  Jesus was asking the Father if there was a way that He could do the Father’s will without going to the cross, yet at the same time He stated that God’s Will would trump His own.

Often our requests are all about our desires and not about God’s desires. When this is the case we are saying, “God, my desires are more important than Your desires.  My desires are more important than your glory.”  That is a very bad place to be.


If you’re in a dispute with someone right now, think about why you are fighting in the first place.  What do you desire in this situation?  Is what you desire something that would glorify God?  Have you asked God for it?

16 thoughts on “James- Day 38

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    This passage is saying that you ask god for something but you don’t get it because you asked wrong so you want to ask for something so that it can fill your passions or your desires.

  2. Andrew Miguel

    This passage is saying that the things that we absoloutly need may or may not be ginven to us from god. What God does give us is the glory and wisdom and as christians we some times for get that he is up there looking down and watching evaery move we make and another thing we we forget is the fact that he died on the coss for our sins because he loved us so much and he didnt wandt us to go to a place called hell and spend eternity with satan.

    1. Andy Verrett

      There are only 2 things we really NEED and those are food and clothing. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says God WILL provide both of them. (See Matthew 6:25-33.)

      1. Hey Andy…
        Good point. And for those who know Christ, even if we were to go without those two things, we would die and be with God, which as Paul said “is far better.”


  3. Tristian Lechien

    I totally agree guys!!! Thts soo true! It’s saying tht I u ask for something u cab receive it in gods grace! 🙂 it’s really amazing what u can figure out w/ just simple words! (sometimes!) lol! But in my mostly last week of school and my last Wednesday!!!!!!!!!  make sure to talk to me if u want and get pics!!!!! 🙂 great devos as always! Love u guys and c u tonite!!! 😉

  4. Blake via

    What I got out of this is oup prayers won’t allways be answerd and for me I did wonder about that because in the Bible it sees You have not because you ask not. What that kind of sounded for me was what ever you ask for God will provide and he will if you ask for things that he wantes not us and maybe sometimes we might ask for something he mite still give it to us.

  5. Alexis Catapane

    This is so cool! I know a lot of times when I’m in a fight with someone and I do think to ask God for something, it would most likely be my desires, not Gods. I think this is a common mistake because we all have a sin nature. But it takes real strength to go against that, and say “God, Your desires are more important than mine.” I definitely need that kind of strength, what about you guys!? I’m not in a fight or anything like that right now, but it’s a good thing to learn about what to do and what NOT to do when the time comes. And when that time does come and I find myself in a fight or argument, I hope I can put God’s desires above mine, cause He’s what really matters 🙂 This is great stuff, see you guys later!

  6. Andy Verrett

    Maybe prayers aren’t answered beause of how we perceive God’s purpose for giving to us. Do your prayers make you seem more like a jar or a funnel? A jar can only hold so much. Once full, the source has to quit pouring. It’s like that with us when we pray like we’re a jar. When we ask God to give to me, me, me … the Holy Spirit can only give so much. But if we think of ourselves as funnels, everything is different. Water can always be added to a funnel because the funnel’s purpose is to collect and pour into something else. When we ask God to use us to meet specific needs of others, then the Holy Spirit can pour and pour and pour into us because we are constantly emptying ourselves so that God’s grace may fall on others. The funnel doesn’t fight with the one who pours or receives because the funnel knows its role and does not seek its own. The funnel doesn’t fight with others to possess, because it desires to give. The other interesting aspect of a funnel is that as long as it is being used, it is always full, too. If you really want to experience the meaning of James and the wonders of God, pray like you’re a funnel. Ask God to use you to give to others in a way that will allow Him to gloridy His Name.

  7. im not in dispute w/ anyone! like alexis said its still good 2 know what 2 do and what not 2 do! we ALL need 2 realize and know that God’s desires are more important than ours.all of our wants and desires are mostly earthly things.whenwe get 2 heaven,were not gonna hv all that stuff.to me,i don’t think its good to “want” so much.i like the point andy made about that our prayers can be like a jar or a funnel.we all want and want and want but God can only give so much.that jar can overflow with lots of wants.we shouldn’t hv so much wants.say if u had 200 bucks.u want 2 go out and buy things you’ve been wanting and wanting why don’t u use some of it for something else like a charity or donation.another example is that everybody should know that God has a plan for ur life.u may hv a desire or want that u know that God doesn’t want u 2 hv but u do it anyway.that can be a very dangerous situation.we don’t plan our lives.God does.we shouldn’t try 2 change his plans for us.the overall point is that God’s desires and plans for u r more important!!! 🙂 See u guys tonight!!! 🙂 <3333

  8. This is kinda something i needed to read.. I got upset earlier over seeing someone ive had a previous fight with & my heart sank. We may have forgiven that person, but if the sight of the person upsets me then somethings not right. What i desire may not be in God’s plan, idk if that makes sense. But i dont wanna go into details. I know tho that the way im feeling & thinking wouldnt make God to happy, which im ashamed of. Im always constantly talking to God and of course He understand everything im feeling which is totally awesome, and Hes helping me. I just wish i was a more forgiving person instead of a grudge holder :p sorry i was like extremely honest and idk how well it came across. But the basic point is that God will provide for us and it may not be in the way we want, be He will!

  9. Ryan Via

    So many times we get mad and upset with God because it seems like Hes not answering our prayers, but in reality are the things we are asking for Gods will or our own. That is one thing that I need to be more mindful of, Is this what God wants or is this what God wants.

  10. When I read this verse I thought about a genie or a wizard who will grant us our every wish and desire. We pray to God and ask Him for things sometimes and most of the time we really want these things, or something to happen. God knows our best interest at heart, and even when we think we know what’s best, we normally don’t, but He alwayssss does!! God isn’t our personal genie or wizard, and it’s not up for Him to give us everything we desire! Jesus gave us enough at the cross! This reminds me of the lesson tonight. It’s not about what you recieve, but about giving. Christ was the ultimate giver, and we should aspire to give back as well. How this ties in to arguments and fighting is, whether you like it or not you’re not always going to claim “victory” over a dispute or get what you want out of it, but in return, you can give the love of Christ, and resolve whatever fight you’re in. Like we discussed yesterday, are fights really ever worth it? There’s primarily always more loss then gain.
    Great devotion and youth group tonight! Klarissa is such a sweet girl, and I feel so blessed to be able to see what we’ve done by just giving a few dollars each week! Let’s be a change in this world! It all starts with these applications everyday. Don’t waste these verses, apply them! Love you all, and have an amazing Thursday! 🙂

  11. What I think this passage was saying is that when you pray for something out of your own desire it wont always come true, cause you are really being selfish if you think about! I am going to be honest, I have done that so many times and it is really wrong cause it will become a really big habbit if we dont stop now and pray for other people and other things not just ower selves.

    Ok now I really think I got this one wrong!!!!! Someone if it is not to late to ask HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!:)

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