James- Day 39

Thursday, October 20

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.  James 4:4

The words “adulterers and adulteresses” hear speaks of  people who should be finding their satisfaction in God who seek satisfaction in things that ultimately can not fulfill them.  Like the wife or husband that seeks the attention and affection of someone other than there spouse they ultimately seek for fulfillment in the wrong places and will bring heartache to themselves, their spouse, their family and their community.

A question that many people have asked here is about what the word “world” is talking about.  World here speaks of “world system”.  The world-system takes what God has made (the creation) yet denies Him as Creator.  They long to find satisfaction in everything but God.  They abuse and fight, murder and war to fulfill these desires.  They don’t recognize God as Creator and don’t thank Him for what He has given.  In doing so they have made themselves God’s enemies.

James says that when we do the same we are becoming comfortable with those who have made themselves the enemies of God.

For further reading on this theme, check out the Old Testament book of Hosea


Are you living for what is temporary or what is eternal?  What are you more into- the creation or the Creator?

25 thoughts on “James- Day 39

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    I’m more in to the creator because with out him then we would not exsit and all the credit should go to him because when the trees ateade and the animals the who do you think made them. Tue creator is more Important then the creation because with out the creator then the creation would not have existed. This passage is saying that if you decide to be the worlds friend like relie on them instead of god then you have become his enemy. We shouldn’t rely on stuff or money like pastor ben said alot of us rely on our money to get us places or to get us far. For example the iPads and the iPods are what everyone wants right now and some people already have them and they rely on them for everything. I always say that my iPod is my baby, but I also admire the creator because without him all the stuff we have now would not exist, so GOD IS AWESOME!!!! 🙂

  2. Blake via

    What this is saying is that you can live for God or you can live for the world and it sees the creation or the creator people will go with the things of this world but they don’t think of whats coming after it it can hurt people and yourself.

  3. Ben Catapane

    Creator definitely. There are so many people caught up in worldly things, but without God they wouldnt have those things. So that’s why we should tell the whole world of Jesus.

  4. uhhh..definetely Creator!! 🙂 without him we wouldn’t even exist!! this brings me back 2 the session of Practical Atheists.alot of people may say they believe in God but they care way more about creation things.wouldn’t u care about God more than earthly things.for some reason this makes me think of the big bang theory.some people think that there was an explosion in space and then i formed all of the planets.when u think about it how would we be here and how did we get here.i definetly don’t believe in that!it says in the bible that God created the world by just speaking.i wouldn’t want 2 get caught up in those “creation” things i would want 2 stick w/ the creator things! great message and lesson today!! loving the devo’s!! 🙂 see u guys sunday!!! 🙂 loveu all!!! 🙂 <333333

  5. Andrew Miguel

    What inlearned from this is that if we are adulters or adultresses we arent a trustworthy person because comiting either of these is a sin against God and one of the commandmeants that he wrote. Instead of comiting either of these try to be a friend and a follower of God because it will make life alot easier and happier.

  6. Melanie

    I hear a lot of people say, “I’m writing my life story everyday.” This is true in some cases. God has already written our “life story” and we can either choose to accept the story He’s already written for our lives and take it and actually live it, or we can say, “God, your story is good, but mine is better!” We can be living our own lives rather then the life God made for us when we live for temporary, or earthly, things rather then eternal, or everlasting, things. This is so important because we can stray so far off from God when we put our faith and trust in other things. We need to be putting it in God! Our money, iPods, fancy clothes, Wii’s, and so many other things will only get us so far in life, but God, can take us on a magnificent journey, one we’ve never dreamed of, if we just truly follow Him. I haven’t always done this. I put my faith and trust in earthly things before, and have had idols in my life blocking me from growing with God. It’s not fun. It might appear to be for a little while, but then all of it wears off and reality hits. I’m more into the creator because of how stinkin’ amazing He is. He completley blows my mind away every time I think about all the things He’s done. His creations are amazing, but He is way cooler! When you begin to think about all we can accomplish in life through Him, that is so awesome! God is breath taking to me, and to be considered one of His creations is an honor to me. God is a ninja, and no one can even compare! I’m so blessed to be walking with Him! 🙂

  7. Tristian Lechien

    Omg!! 😮 I can’t believe I didn’t do the devos today!!!! 😦 I’m so disappointed in my self! 😥 but I’m here now! 🙂 so today’s Devo is talking about personally I’m more into my creator! Instead of creations. I love how he created the bible but I love how he is the creator of everything!!!! Thts so important and I hope we never forget tht simple reason y we should never let things or “being too busy” get in the way of things! There is always time for god! He makes time for u! U nee to give time back!!!! 🙂 great Devo today. (as always) !!! 🙂 but again I’m sorry I didn’t get on this morning!!! 😦 but love u guys! 🙂

    1. grace

      this morning when i read the devos i thought you weren’t gonna comment today!cause i always read yours and mafalda’s comments…. glad you got on 🙂

      1. Tristian Lechien

        Thanks! 🙂 really busy week with the move and my last day of school tmrw! :/ it’s all blehh!!!!! :/ O.o but thanks! 🙂

  8. Definitley the creator, because without God there wouldn’t be any of His amazing creations! It boggles my mind that everything on this Earth and the entire universe is all from God. He’s made everything! I think James is saying here that if we rely on the world for everything, we are in major trouble. The world is from God, and we should give God all the glory and honor, not our “world.” Not the planet earth, but the people. Like Pastor Ben said its world views. If all we do in life is wait for the world to be a better place to live in, thats just pointless! There is a reason we all live in the Port Charlotte/NP/PG area.. God put us here to make a difference. Pastor Bales, Pastor Ben, and Pastor Corey always say to us “You guys arent the church of tomorrow, your the church of today.” Its so true! I’m scared out of my mind to branch out and do things for God sometimes, but I know when i’m in Heaven, im not going to ever think about high school, and how i wanted to fit in. That stuff won’t even pass my mind. What i’m going to take with me forever is everything I try to do to glorify my creator while i’m here on earth. He’s given us everything, so i think we should give back!

  9. grace

    Definitely God. There’s a verse I can’t remember the reference, but it says something like “Treasure on earth will turn to dust, but the treasures in heaven are eternal” Everything on earth that is “worldly” doesn’t last forever! It gives us a little satisfaction……but God gives us MORE! When you think about it, world or Creator? It’s pretty obvious you should pick the Creator. He’s the one that made everything possible. Without Him you wouldn’t have all this stuff. Instead of saying “I have all this stuff” you should say “God, thank you so much for providing this for me!” That’s why it makes sense. Don’t worship the product, worship the Maker. I think sometimes we get caught up in the moment and we don’t see the bigger picture…..that God is in charge. If we are more for Him we got the good stuff 🙂 and we get the best deal, because it is soooo true that His plans are so much better than our own plans. He knows what’s best for us, we don’t. We need to trust in Him and give Him our all. He deserves it, He did soo much for us! 🙂

  10. Ryan Via

    So many time people throw away a relationship with God and step away from Him for the things of this world. Like the commentary we acknowledge the creation but not the creator. It is very easy to get caught up in the things of this world and in temporary things. So how can I apply this, be proactive in my relationship with God and keep my focus on eternity and not on this world.

  11. Creator definitely! But what I think this passage is saying is that we should be more interested in the creator not the creation!!!!!! And this is one of thing most of us lack cause we are so interseted in what God has made for us than for him dieing on the cross for us.

      1. Thankyou and I am happy to be back!<3 🙂
        p.s I have the solo part of Beautiful Suprise down! So I am ready for wensday! And I am not going to be at morning church sunday but I might be hear for night church!

  12. Alexis Catapane

    I can honestly say that lately I’ve really been into the Creator rather than the creation! But it’s just recently that I started actually not caring as much about these earthly things, and focusing more on God! Unfortunately it’s hard for me, but it’s becoming easier! Last nights message really got to me because I really was more interested in my stuff instead of God. I still loved God, but I also loved my stuff too! And I realized that’s wrong. I should be loving God 100% and above everything! And be willing to do anything He wants me to!
    Sorry this comment was kinda personal, but it was what’s on my mind 😉
    It’s kinda late, but I have a prayer request.. I kinda have a big decision to make not right away, but in the next couple months. I really want to do what God wants for me, so if you guys could pray that i’d do what He wants?! That would be so helpful!! Thanks 🙂

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