James- Day 40

Friday, October 21

Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy? But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. James 4:5-6

“the scripture saith in vain”– This is not a direct quote of any place in scripture.  Rather it is a statement regarding a theme in scripture that teaches both man’s tendency to evil desires and God’s resistance of people who live for their own desires first and foremost.

“he giveth more grace, wherefore….giveth grace unto the humble”-  I know 2 things about you.  You need grace, and you want grace.  It’s universal.  How do we receive grace?  James says the key here is humility.  Understanding who we  are before a Holy and Righteous God helps us to have a humble attitude.

The proud person says, I don’t need God, nor do I need to do what He says.  We may not say this with our lips, but we often say it with our attitudes and actions.  God resists that.

The good news is that He gives grace to the humble.  The humble are not perfect, and they realize that they do need God and need to follow what He says.


Today’s verse leaves us with the  questions we’ve been asking all week.  Creation or Creator?  Proud or Humble?  God or the world? Evil desires or putting others first?  Where are you at?

10 thoughts on “James- Day 40

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    This passage says that god gives gifts to the humble people he has grace. I think we should all try to be like Jesus he was the perfect example of perfect and He never got distracted by other things that took his mind or heart away from god not even for one second, he always did what he was told nothing more nothing less. Today it’s easy to beileve in your stuff then god and your money or your boyfriend/girlfriend but we need to beileve the creator rely on him (rely on god) and he will take you down a path of righteousness.

  2. Andrew Miguel

    This passage says that God grants gifts to those who arent jelious and envious because both of these are sins. As the scripture says we will lust in envy and they will be given grace by God. Or the other way around.

  3. Tristian Lechien

    As I said LATE yesterday… Creator!! He made everything! Without the creator we can’t can’t creations! So thts really important tht we should member! 🙂 I’m deff proud! I’m proud who god made me! I’m proud of who I am! And it’s deff god before the world!!! He made this world! The bible says tht god created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th!!! This is amazing!!!! Evil desires or putting others first? I love to put others first! I feel like I always do tht! Like if Mafalda is over at my house and there is two of us and three pieces of bacon. We will stare at it and then after a minute I’ll say Mafalda do u want the last piece of bacon? And she usually says yes! Lol!!! 🙂 great Devo today!!! Sososososo sorry tht I got on late yesterday! 😦 but it’s a new day!

    Prayer request::: please pray for me and my family deff for the move coming up this week.
    And me, it’s my last day at school and my last day to c most of my friends.
    Well.,. Thanks alot I apprecaite it! Love u guys and c u on my last day on Sunday!!!

  4. Alexis Catapane

    It sounds weird to call myself proud, but I am! I hate needing help, and I hate asking for help even more! So I always end up having a problem because I think I can do it on my own. But as I’m getting older, God is showing me that I can’t handle everything on my own. I need Him!
    This week’s devos have been great! I’m really loving the book of James! 😀

  5. Before i start my devos, i just wanna say to Mafalda, Andrew, and Tristian how proud i am of you guys!!! I wish i had the motivation to get up and do my devos right away, you guys are AWESOME for doing that! The first thing you do is get in God’s word and thats so cool. Tristian, dont feel bad about getting on late yesterday! But i think it’s cool that you get that feeling of emptiness if you dont do your devotion right away. it shows how much your growing. You guys are growing more and more each day and im very proud of all of you! 🙂

    Todays devos!- I think of myself as a humble person, because i know i can’t do anything without God. I know i’m not smart, or logical, and i dont even have a lot of common sense. I know throughout my life and everyday i need to follow what God says, and not what i think or what anyone else thinks. God is who i follow, not the world. The evils of this world sometimes dont even have to be that “evil.” TV shows for example, aren’t made to be evil, but some shows portray messages that are against God. School isnt made to be evil, but some things at school can influence us to do evil things, such as peer pressure. I have to be careful everyday with everything i do, because it is SO easy to screw up :p I’ve screwed up at least 100 times today! We just have to remember who are creator is, and the love He has for us. We need to show God our love for Him by living for Him 🙂

  6. We talked about what’s more important yesterday, the creation or the creator! I definetly care more about the creater! I love the creations He’s created, they’re all such a blessing! We’re His creations, but without Him, we obviously wouldn’t be here! God is way more important then His creations! At times I definetly can find myself as proud rather then humble. I tend to let my wisdom favor over God’s and that is a major problem! I need to be more humble about everything for sure! God or the world? Well the world wouldn’t exist without the father who created it! God all the way! He blows my mind every time I think about Him! He’s amazing and words cannot even explain the love I have for Him! We’ve talked about how we’ve used our words for the bad rather then the good. This goes along with the greater evil or putting others first. We can seek revenge and think we’re all that and a bag of chips, or we can realize God created us all and loves each and everyone of us the same! We need to be humble, and put others first. We need to put God first and get our earthly desires out of the way and trade them with eternal desires! I believe I’m on the right track as I’ve grown a lot these past months, but I still have a ways to go! I think we all do!
    Perfect weather these past two days! God created a beautiful world! Makes you think about how astonishing heaven will be! 🙂 love you all see you Sunday! Praying for you guys! & great comments btw, you all are doing sooo well! #superproud

  7. deff creator,the way i think myself proud is doing something i didn’t think icould do,humble,God and putting others first.like mel said i love his creations that he created.i try 2 be the young woman God wants m 2 be.since none of us r perfect its impossible 2 be masters at these things.this is what i got out of today!! see u guys sunday!! 🙂 missu guys!! 🙂 love u all!! <33333 🙂

  8. Ryan Via

    This is definitely a question i need to ask myself, Gods will or my own? because so many times we all get to a place where things are going good and we start to take are eyes off God, but when things are terrible and nothing seems to go right thats when we start realizing we need Gods help. So that is why i need to realize my dependence and rely on the creator not the creation.

  9. Kay Kay Jackson

    I am with the creator, ummmmmm ian really not sure if I am humble Or proud buti am pretty sure I am humble , I am surely god!!!! And I would have to be a person who puts other people first. But than again how could we ever be sure of what we are we just so bye what we think!

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