10 thoughts on “Sunday Summary- November 6, 2011

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    Well in youth group I learned that it is very important to have good involved in your plans about the future because he knows what’s best for you and he is your guide to a better life and future. How I can apply this to my life is that I need to include god more in my plans…well when I get plans for my future hehe and make sure that he is okay with my plans and what I have in stored for me and what he has in stored for me as well!!. What I learned in the service today is that people think living the good life means looking good or feeling good or something but it’s not, it is about full filling a purpose in your life and everything living the good life is excaly what God wants you to have and he wants to be a part of it so our goodness is a gift from god as pastor bales said. So does that make sense??

  2. Tristian Lechien

    Today I learned that looks and feeling and having the goods doesn’t mean it can make u feel good or make u good/ have goodness. That doesn’t mean u have the good life, great message today! 🙂 love u guys!!! 🙂

  3. What I learned today is that we r not good at everything.this brings me back 2the devo we did on fruits of the spirit.we do things that arent always right because were not perfect we should try 2 b do gooders.I like the example pastor did w/ Emily and Mariah.their parents didn’t teach them tO lie.they r just kids although they still need tO learn.please tell me if it isn’t right.Katie kept POking m

  4. Alexis

    Even though we talked about the same thing in Sunday school as we’ve been learning in the devos, I still learned a lot! Laura was saying that when it comes to our future prayer is the #1 thing to do. But also we talked about how we need to match up our plans for the future with Gods, keeping in mind God knows what’s best for us way more than we do! One thing that stuck out though was that if you’re doing something that is Gods will, He’ll make it happen and open doors, and everything will kind of fall in place because it’s what HE wants you do! Where as not doing what He wants, it’ll probably seem like you have to everything yourself and He’ll close doors and stuff to keep you from going the wrong way and stuff like that! Great Sunday at Sonshine! 🙂 & have a good week everyone!

  5. Today was such a good message! I learned a lot! Pastor was talking about the fruits of the spirit and how godliness on the outside doesn’t mean there is godliness on the inside. He made a statement and said that God works in the inside and it goes out into the outside, but religion works on the outside hoping that it would go in the inside and that’s why religion doesn’t work. Well what does that mean? God works on the inside of our hearts and it shows on the outside by our actions, but religion starts with actions, like going to church just because it’s religious then hoping it would have an effect on you internally. This was such a good example because it’s so true. God works directly towards our heart and if we acknowledge it and want to take on what He laid on our hearts it shows through the outside. Goodliness should be the same way!

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