Voices: In the Beginning

Good morning everyone.  I had a little malfunction with the website this morning.  Sorry it wasn’t posted on time.  I’m working so that it won’t happpen again.

Now, on to today’s devotion…

Read all of Genesis 3 for today’s passage:

Voices that speak out against God and what He desires is not something new. Human beings have been lied to since the beginning. What is so bad is that we’ve been believing lies since then as well. Like we learned yesterday, Satan is the “father of lies” and he has been doing it since at least the narrative that we read today.

Here are some questions to consider for today’s passage:

  1. What were the lies that Satan told Eve in this passage?
  2. What were the lies that Eve told in this passage?
  3. After Adam took of the fruit, how did they respond?
  4. How did God respond? What were the consequences for Adam, Eve, and the serpent?
  5. What can you take away from this story? How does it seem to apply to your life?

9 thoughts on “Voices: In the Beginning

  1. This is Melanie’s comment for today…she was having a difficult time posting on it.

    1. Satan told Eve that if she ate from the middle of the garden, she wouldn’t die, but that their eyes will be opened, and they shall be as gods knowing good and evil. 
    2. Eve, although she knew God said not to eat of the tree, told Adam to do so as well, for it was good. Then when God asked her why she did so, she said the serpent beguiled her and she ate of it, even though her guilty conscious knew it was wrong.   
    3. After Adam ate of the tree, they sewed fig leaves together because their eyes opened and they know knew they were naked. They were ashamed of this, and when they heard God coming in the garden, they hid because of it.
    4. God asked Adam where he was, and Adam responded I heard you in the garden and I was naked so I hid myself. He then asked Adam who told you, you were naked? Did you eat from the tree I commanded you not to? And Adam said that Eve told him to do so. God asked why Eve did such a thing and she said the serpent persuaded her to do it. God then cursed every beast, cattle, belly, and dust that shall eat of all days. Meaning, He cursed us all. He gave consequences such as pain in childbirth, that the man shall be the head over women, that men should be the one to work. God used a fiery sword to  block everyday to the tree of life. 
    5. God gave Adam and Eve a simple task, not to eat from the tree in the midst of the garden. They could eat of every other tree! Just not that one, but they chose to listen to the voice astray rather then God’s voice. They followed satan’s commands rather then God’s. & now we are all sinners because in the beginning, two people fell unto the trap.. This shows how important it is not to listen to the outside voices we hear. Look how much it hurt God by what Adam and Eve did. All they did was take a fruit off a tree, we do a lot worse then that sometimes. But thankfully to God, it’s all the same to Him, and it hurts all the same to Him too. Taking the fruit off the tree showed our character. We always want more it seems, and sometimes we’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Stop that! You know living your life for God and doing what pleases Him, will get you a life and an eternity filled with so much you won’t know what to do. God is the way to go, not the voices, or the voice of the enemy. 

  2. Blake via

    #1 He said there eye’s would be open and she would die. #2 She told Adam the fruit of that tree was good. #3 After they eat it there eye’s whould be open. #4 Adam hid himself from God and said he was naked so he hid. #5 We are to obey God’s rules and not get tempted like Adam & Eve.

  3. I think overall the story of Adam & Eve is pretty eye opening! Its very human. We all do what they did, still to this day. When were told not to do something, sometimes we do it. & sometimes we even forget what God would want us to do. The serpent (Satan) simply convinced Eve that eating off the tree wouldn’t lead to death, but that it was okay. She ate off of it, gave some to Adam, and then they both realized their nakedness. This was the beginning of sin, and Satan was the cause. Even with this knowledge, I still let Satan influence me in ways.. I sin all the time. It’s so common for us to do! But I know the power of God is much stronger than the grip Satan has on us. I know that with God all things are possible, and resisting my sin nature is possible 🙂

  4. grace

    this story proves that we need God’s wisdom and not our own. The serpant told them it would make them like God, but he lied to Adam and Eve by saying that God didn’t want them to have it because it would make them better than Him. God didn’t want them to take the fruit because if they had the knowledge God did they wouldn’t use it in the right ways. They didn’t trust that God knew better, however, and they disobeyed Him. When they did that it caused so many problems.

    What I take from this is that we need to listen to God and not the lies of the world because God knows best.
    “sometimes i feel like I know best, but God i know that you know better! “

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