A New Year. A New Heart: Day 6

Princes have persecuted me without a cause: but my heart standeth in awe of thy word. I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.  Psalm 119:161

Imagine walking into your room today and finding a wood, pirate style chest on your bed.  You walk over and find that the lock is open.  You flip up the latch and when you do you find it absolutely full to the brim with diamonds, rubies, and very old gold coins.  Then you find a certified letter claiming that one of your great-uncle’s has passed away and given you this as an inheritance.  Don’t you think you would be in awe of what you were seeing?  How much value would that have to you?

Now imagine walking into your room.  Let me ask you-  Where is your Bible?  Do you know where it is?  Does it have the same kind of value to you?  The God who created the universe has written a book that He wants you to read.  He is speaking to you.  He wants you to know some pretty incredible things- how you can know for sure that heaven is your home.  How to have an incredible,  God honoring life on earth, and so much more.

The Psalmist in v.116 compares God’s Word to an amazing treasure, because that is exactly what it is.

If you want to have a new heart in 2011, your heart needs to treasure the Word of God.

Is God’s Word valuable to you?

19 thoughts on “A New Year. A New Heart: Day 6

  1. Laura

    Good Morning,
    This was a very good devotion. It really made me think. I can’t say that I have always treated the bible like a treasure. I have, on occasion, not been able to find mine. Later, I realize that is was in the car, or still sitting in the den after bible study on Monday nights and I don’t notice this until I need it for church again on Sunday or Wednesday. What does this say? Obviously I am not in the Word enough all of the time. I used to be very consistent about reading my bible. I let life get in the way. It is easy to do when life is so busy. Well I am making sure I am reading my bible every night. Last night I was reading 1Cor12 and 13. it is really cool how we all come together and make one body. Everyone of us are important and the take away I got from my reading last night was that God gives us gifts that please Him. So no matter what your gifts are those are the gifts He wants you to have and it delights Him. More importantly, none of these gifts are of value if we don’t have “charity” (love). True love is not something that comes naturally to us. The only way we can have this kind of love is through the Holy Spirit. I need to seek the Holy Spirit more on a daily basis to help me to have the kind of Love that God wants to see in me.
    I am proud of all of you for coming on and doing your daily devotions. It inspires me. Love you all so much. Keep me accountable please.

    1. That’s awesome Laura. It’s really cool to hear your transparency in this.
      If you’re looking for something to help you stay accountable and have a plan to read God’s Word check out youversion.com and the youversion app for blackberry/android/iphone. They have a ton of reading plans, and since your phone is always with you,that’s pretty cool.

  2. Alexis

    I love God’s word, but honestly not as much as I should! Lately I’ve been slacking when it comes to reading my bible on my own, and I need to stop doing that! Like Pastor said at church yesterday, reading the bible needs to be part of my daily life. And I know that it will make life easier, with God right by my side. 🙂

    1. Tristian Lechien

      I totally agree Alexis! Thts how I am sometimes. God just needs to be a part of our life… 24/7!! 🙂 ❤

      Prayer request::: my mom has a job interview today tht she really wants.. She thinks it will help us a family. 🙂 so thanks if u pray! 🙂

  3. Blake via

    The Bible is for sure a treasure it has lots of good stuff for you it will help you with every day things and other stuff but what this is saying is the Bible should be a treasure to us it has so much value it’s the answer to just about every thing.

  4. Mafalda

    My heart means the world to me it is so valuable to me but it would be more awesome if god had my heart because he could change it and make it more pure.

    1. Mafalda

      And gods word is also valuable it’s like a treasure and everything he says I think is so wise and good of course hes word is very valuable not only does he know stuff in he’s mind he also knows it in his heart as well.

  5. Mackenzie

    So basically we should treat our bible like treasure, use It everyday, read it, apply it to your life. I definately need to do that more. I thought this was a really Good passage today because I think it applys to everybody! 😉

  6. The bible really is a treasure, and the coolest thing, is that it’s all ours. We all have access to this amazing treasure, and we should really be taking advantage of that. Sometimes I forget how amazing God’s word really is. Sometimes I treat reading my daily devotions as a check off list, and I hate when I do that, cause when my heart isn’t in it, I’m really only cheating myself out. Laura made a great point about getting caught up in life. It’s so easy to get distracted and pulled away, that’s why God’s word is so important. I like to think about it as a refreshment to the day. No matter how crappy your day can seem sometimes, it can be turned around by the power of God’s word. God speaks to us through His word, and we might miss out what He’s trying to say. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing treasure like the bible.

      1. Yeah I use the One year bible plan and the Life application bible study plan. They’re both year long, and I’m into day 200 something for each of them. & then I’ve done some of the topical ones too.

  7. the bible has some pretty good value to it.i mean its the word of God.i do hv to admit,i don’t always read my bible like i should.i agree with what melanie said even though your day may be not going to good,his word can turn your day right around.his word is amazing isn’t it?!?!?! well,i hope you guys had a great day and good job everyone plus im praying for you and your family tristian! can you guys pray for me.i hv a pretty bad headache right now and i can’t do my hw. thanks 🙂 love you guys!!! 🙂 <33333

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