A New Year. A New Heart: Day 9

When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek. Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation.
Psalm 27:8-9

A heart that seeks after God is a heart that prays.  When we pray we begin to open up our heart to God.  When we pray we are seeking God.  We believe that He hears us and that He wants us to talk to Him.

If we desire to have a heart in this new year, we’ve got to be in communication with God.  Prayer helps us to talk to God and to align our desires with God’s desires for us.

13 thoughts on “A New Year. A New Heart: Day 9

  1. Blake via

    It’s just awesome to have a God that wantes to talk to us prayer is super important in your relationship with God just like your relationship with your parents and friends. You need to talk to God he wantes to hear from you and that’s awesome that he wantes to.

  2. grace

    This is saying that we need to be seeking God. Prayer is a way to connect with God and just like any other person in your life, if you never talk to God how can you have a good relationship with Him? Over Christmas break I haven’t been doing my devo’s or praying and I feel really distant from God right now. I need to get back on track and start seeking Him harder. Also, yesterday night really made me want to give something. I have no idea what to give, but I’m asking God about it so I can give something meaningful…not just another thing in someone’s closet. So hopefully I can be a blessing to someone 🙂 Anyways..pray without ceasing, God wants us to pray about everything, 24/7 Pray. Pray. Pray. 🙂

  3. Mafalda

    It’s cool to have a god that wants us to talk to him it’s cool to have a god who I can trust and open my heart to its cool to have a god who is such an awesome listener and helps us through our problems and who is there when we need him. Our relationship with god is very important just like our relationship with other people.web we pray god listens and we get to comunacat with him and open our joyful hearts! 🙂 everytime I’m talking to myself my mom is always like “who r u talking to” I say the same answer every time “God mom” hehe! 🙂 like pastor alot of pastors say you can pray anytime anywhere just reading the bible!

  4. its amazing that God wants us to talk to him through prayer and its amazing tht we hv a God that we can trust and to trust us too.like grace said,how can you hv a realationship with him if you don’t talk to him.i pray everyday.for like thanking him for our food and the plans and future for me and anything else.i want to keep a strong and great realationship with him.so im gonna pray and talk to him all the time!!! 🙂 i liked this devo today! hope you guys had a fantabulous day today!! 🙂 love and miss u guys sososo very much!!! 🙂 <333333333333333333333

  5. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I am really happy that we have a god that will take the time to listen to us when we are in prayer! Oh and also that he has trusted you to make our own choice wether we make a good choice or bad one. Yes I very much agree with Grace and Blake.

  6. Melanie

    Prayer is so easy to forget about sometimes, but it’s so important that we shouldn’t forget about it at all! I’ve struggled a lot with prayer, and it’s something I still tend to struggle with sometimes. Communication with God is key. It build our relationship with Him, and I think that’s something we all want to do in this New Year, is to build our relationships with God. I love these two verses. It’s a cry for help and the acknowledgement of God I need you, I know I can’t do this alone. I used to blame God a lot for things that happened in my life. I just say why God why? I really just should’ve been a cry for help saying God I need you, please help me. Prayer is something we all need to take seriously, and it will really help us if we do!

  7. Alexis

    This verse is really what I needed right now! So many times, especially lately, when things go wrong I tend to think “Okay, what am I supposed to do?!” unfortunately it’s rare that I ask God what He wants me to do first, and I’m trying to work on that. So much has happened in my life these past couple months and so much has changed, not really in a bad way. I think the worst is my fault. & I just realized (today actually) that I let the changes in my life literally change who I was so much that now I have no clue what to do. I’m confused because I don’t know how to be me again. But someone reminded me today that if I seek God, He’ll guide me through this and help me to be the girl HE wants me to be! There’s seriously NO WAY I can do this on my own, and I’d be a fool to even try. I need God. And I’m ready to do some major seeking and a lot of prayer to find out what God wants for me! Sorry, it got really personal. But it was laid on my heart to share that with you all. & I’d be very grateful if you guys could pray for me. 🙂

  8. Tristian Lechien

    Prayer is very important… Cuz if I didnt communicate with god u wouldn’t have a very good relationship, but prayer is the way to talk to him and thank him and ask to wisdom or courage and even ask him to help us with things! Cuz obviously he knows everything!! Lol! 🙂

    *Prayer request*::: 1) my migraines
    2) Ezra- Salvation
    3) my parents to get jobs.
    4) and tht god will get everyone through their problems even tho.. We know tht if he brings us into it tht he will bring us through it! 🙂

    Great Devo today!!! 🙂 as always and love u guys! 🙂 and sorry tht I didnt comment earlier cuz I did but I don’t think tht it showed… So ya! 🙂

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