Preparing for Easter- Day 1

So Easter is Sunday, and this year I want us to prepare for it by reading through some gospel passages about the week before the Resurrection!

Go to this Bible App and read John 13 and John 14.

Ok… Here is your assignment for today:

    1. What were the topics that were talked about?

    2. What happened in the passage?

    3. What is something you learned?

    4. How does it apply to your life today?

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Easter- Day 1

  1. 1) there were two topics: why Jesus was washing the disciples’ feet and where Jesus was going (when he was going to heaven)
    2) in chapter 13, before the feast of the passover,Jesus knew it was time for him to depart out of the world.after the feast,the devil put into the heart of judas iscariot to betray Jesus.then Jesus started to wash the disciples feet.they were asking him why he was doing that and he said that if he didn’t wash them, then they would have no part with me.simon peter then told Jesus to wash his hands and his head also.then Jesus said,that they are clean every whit but not all.after Jesus finishes their feet,he then asks if they know what i have done to you.then he tells them what he has done to them and that he is the the end of the chapter,the disciples ask where Jesus was going and he tsaid that where ever he goes they can’t follow him.then peter said that he would lay down his life for thy sake.then Jesus said,the cock shall not crowuntil thou hast denied me thrice.then in chapter 14,Jesus describes heaven to them.
    3) i learned that i am clean but not all.thats something i didn’t think about.we need to realize that because no one is all clean but Jesus.
    4) this applys to my life because i may not always know the way like the disciples but i need to realize that Jesus is the way the truth and the life:no man cometh unto the father but by me.

  2. Laura

    Jesus is preparing them for His “departure”. Jesus is telling them that they should not be afraid because it is good for Him to be back with the Father. Jesus talks about a comforter coming to remind them of what they have been taught and to be with them. He also tells them of one who will betray Him which comes as a shock to the disciples. Jesus is trying to be an example to the disciples by washing their feet. This does not make the disciples comfortable for sure. He also knew one would deny Him. He teaches them to love one another enough to die for each other. By doing this, the world will see the true love of God through their testimonies. He wants people to see that if they love the Lord and obey Him they will have fellowship with Him and visa versa. ( i will continue this thought tomorrow am, my bible study has started. 🙂

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