A Season for Giving- Part 2

A Saturday Devotional Series
by Melanie Mentzer

“Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which He has given thee.” Deuteronomy 16:17

Last Saturday I asked you guys what you thought of when you heard the word giving, a lot of you said things like giving money or items to the homeless, giving presents, giving your time by helping out others, etc. All of these things are great examples, and we’re going to talk more about them here in a minute! This week, we’re going to discuss why we give.

“Every man shall give as he is able” If you’re like me, you probably don’t have a million dollars tucked away in the shoe box under your bed. A lot of the time we mix up the word giving with the word money. As you guys said last week, giving isn’t just giving money. We have a lot of other things that God has blessed us with, which we can give.

“according to the blessings of the Lord thy God which He has given thee.” God has given us SO many things; the list goes on and on. This verse isn’t saying to give your iPod touch to the homeless guy sitting outside, but it is saying that we need give as we are able. Living in America, we are way wealthier then a ton of people. I probably just sounded really old right there, and I’m sure you guys hear this a lot, but it’s true. God has given us buffets of food, closets filled with clothes, toys that we can’t find the room for, money that we spend and spend, BUT He’s also given us things like time and talents. Giving isn’t always about giving material things, because giving our time and using our talents are just as important.


What does this verse have to say about giving? Why give? & How can you find some way to give this Christmas season?

9 thoughts on “A Season for Giving- Part 2

  1. Mafalda Delienne

    This verse says that everyone must give what there able to, because god given to you the blessing of the lord. Giving is a very speical thing to do because giving doesn’t have to be from a store it could be giving from the heart, like giving someone a hug that you haven’t for a long time or giving to the needy. This Christmas season we can find a way to give our love and great fullness to people, it doesn’t have to be from a store. This chirstmas I’m getting everyone someone special from my heart it’s hand made and might not be perfect but it’s gonna be awesome! :), but there so many ways you could give this season, like you could give someone the word of god and tell them what Christmas is really about, we could give our love to our parents or anyone and as I said be for we could give to the needy this Christmas and as I said before again haha! 🙂 it doesn’t have to be from a store. Great job Melanie!!! I’m so proud of you hehe. You have done 2 now I hope you get to do some more awesome job girl!!! 🙂

  2. Tristian Lechien

    Melanie ur on again today!!! 🙂 Congrats! 🙂 another great lesson from Melanie! 🙂 ok.. on to todays devotinal! 🙂 todays verse from Deuteronomy is about when ur able to give u should give. We should give becasue its what the lord wants us to do. Giving is just something tht u can give from the heart to make someone feel appericated or accepted or even valued. Giving doesnt have to be from a store it can just be a hand-written card tht u made ur self just for someone special. To make them feel special becasue of the special thing u did as giving. We should all give this Christmas season. But Christms isnt just abvout giving its about Jesus’ Birthday, its where everything u started. and incorperating tht together could be life changing!! 🙂 how bout this season we give to someone the words of Jesus! Thts one of the best gifts someone can ever recieve who hasnt heard tht Jesus has died on the cross for ur sin and mine. And tht he rose 3 days later! 🙂 Christmas isnt just a holiday, its a very special birthday for a very special someone.. 🙂
    love u guys c u guys in a little!! 🙂

  3. Great job Mel:) what today’s devo was talking about, is giving doesn’t alwasys have to be something bought or to a homeless person it just has to come from the heart!!! Like giving a home made card to someone for no reson at at just to I love you, how you doin ect, it is kinda like what did I think!, how he rose from the dead? Didn’t he do that so he can save us and our sins?!? Yea so I do have the right example! hehe,

  4. This verse is saying to give whenever we can, just like God had given us things whenever He can. God’s given me everything I need & more.. I’m in my room right now staring at my overflowing closet & thinking how Id be happy if it just had clothes in it. I have so much more than I really need, and yet I forget to thank God sometimes for all of it. This Christmas I want to give something to someone who needs it. I want to give because it’s makes me feel all warm & nice inside, and I know it’s a Godly thing to do 🙂 I love that giving towards others can make their entire day, an that’s

  5. giving to me is from the heart.like mafalda said,it doesn’t have to be from the stroe,it should come from the heart.cause you know it will make a person’s day.btw tristian,i saw ur mom toby and ezra at walgreens today!

  6. Blake via

    Why I think we have giving is because it shows something when we give it showes that we care and love that person and it’s just an act of kindness.

  7. Ryan via

    Great job Melanie that’s awesome! So today the verses say that you should give what you are able to so many times we can kinda get into a mind set of I earned it therefore it is all mine. These verses challenge that and say what you have is a gift from God and you should give back. Why give? It says that it is more blessed to give than to receive and that is very true. We are given so much like melanie said and I think that we should give because 1 we are called to and 2 it can be a real blessing to you and the person receiving.

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